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Continuous Optimization

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About the Book

This ebook acts as a tool to help you identify common issues, their symptoms and their business impact, along with tips on how to improve your current codebase. We explain why Continuous Optimization is STRV’s go-to strategy, and what makes it ideal for feature-oriented products in active development—where a complete rewrite would introduce an excess of duplicity in keeping both versions up-to-date.

What's Included

  • Evaluating project health: Technology, Architecture, Setup and Tech Debt.
  • Facing the main blockers of Continuous Optimization.
  • Effectively tackling legacy code.
  • Guaranteeing codebase quality via a healthy CI/CD setup.
  • Devising an early mitigation strategy based on expected project velocity.
  • Real-life examples of issues spiraling beyond a business’ control.
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