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How to Choose the Right Tools to Succeed in 2020

Startup Founder Tech Guide

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About the Book

The purpose of this ebook is to share our 16 years of observations with building and scaling digital products. We gathered all of our platforms’ senior experts. We compiled popular frameworks, languages and tools. And we put together an objective overview and high-level comparison of the various options available, as well as some STRV tech and business tips that serve as additional guidance—so that when making decisions you’ve never had to make before, you can do so confidently.

What's Included

  • Tips & examples that help inform your decisions.
  • Choosing the right mobile app dev framework for your project.
  • Identifying the right technologies for your backend needs.
  • Why frontend is less about the tools, more about the output.
  • What makes QA testers the key to saving money.
  • How product managers guarantee the success of your product.
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