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With 10,000 apps released daily, an MVP doesn’t cut it. That’s why STRV has a standard of mobile app development that it always upholds. Our 200+ satisfied clients can attest to that.

The STRV Approach

Our apps hit the market as a perfect representation of your product’s strengths. That includes designs that accentuate the spirit of what you offer, and mobile app development that keeps your message clear and users entertained.

We’ve built MVPs that have gotten startups Y Combinator props and life-changing investments, and established businesses have turned to us looking to expand and surpass their competition. That’s how we earn longterm partnerships and our position as a leader in app development.


  • iOS
  • Android
  • React Native
  • Progressive Web Apps
  • 400+

    Products Developed
  • 200+

  • 190

  • 16+

    Years on the Market

“Most of our partners stick with us for years because it’s never just about the code. It’s about communication, understanding and really looking for ways to make something new and unbreakable. STRV clients know we’ve got their back.”

Jan Kaltoun,
iOS Platform Lead

How Can We Help You, Exactly?

  • Creating new solutions from scratch

    Got a great idea, but your team lacks the time or skill capacity to deliver quickly? We handle the process—from market research, strategy and customer insights to visual design, software development and quality assurance testing.
  • Improving your current product

    Have a product that needs to get to the next level? We analyze your current solution, promptly solve any pressing issues, provide insight and improve whatever’s needed—like speed, security, capabilities, design and the general user experience.
  • Supporting your team with experts

    Looking for a reliable helping hand to get things done fast? With absolute flexibility on our end, we integrate our talent seamlessly with your in-house team to accelerate your project and help you grow.

“As time goes on, STRV continues to build the right product. They’ve been ahead of the curve in ensuring a great product and customer experience.”

Maurice Bachelor,
Manager of Mobile Engineering, Legalzoom

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