Recruitment & Hiring Hacks

Highly specialized meetup led by Matej Matolin designed to tackle the most difficult recruitment challenges.

What you get

Analysis of the resources needed for your actual hiring plan. Strategic guidance on recruitment marketing, attraction, selection process and on-boarding. Selection of the hands-on, ready to implement tools and processe

calendar iconLength: 60 minsOnly 10 free per month

About Recruitment & Hiring Hacks Session

We look at your hiring plan and calculate your recruitment funnel to estimate the quantity, costs and lead time. Together, we pick up the right elements from the portfolio of recruitment tools and processes to match exactly your needs. You can benchmark yourself against the market and get valuable strategic advice.

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Matej Matolin

Talent hunter and strategist. Matej recruited hundreds of talents across the world. Combines technology, marketing, sales, and psychology to develop innovative approaches and set up high performing recruitment teams. Mentor and advisor who partners with top brands on their pursuit for talent.

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