How to build a high-value brand

Highly-specialised 1-on-1 meetup designed to tackle the most difficult marketing challenges with Milan Semelak.

What you get

A blueprint to build a brand around a powerful, singular value proposition to impact every aspect of your business. Guidance how to create marketing propositions, customer experiences and communication platforms. Advice how to avoid the fluffy world of ad agencies and save time, money and energy.

calendar iconLength: 60 minsOnly 10 free per month

About High Value Brand Session

A brand with real impact improves every aspect of business. To drive growth, we'll use it to shape your products and services. To get some love we'll build it into every touch point to create an amazing customer experience. And to achieve fame we’ll articulate the value your brand brings to the table in the most engaging way possible. A brand that achieves all of this at the same time is a high-value brand. Let’s build one.

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Milan Semelak

Brandmaker. Works with clients in London, Prague, Singapore & Los Angeles. Shaped more than 150 brands, ranging from global giants to local startups. Experiments with creativity and its impact on business and society. Designed first vertical in-house agency, created a method to build a startup brand in 120 minutes, sits on board of specialized creative companies across the world.

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