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We pride ourselves on our commitment to excellence, as well as our ability to deliver for our partners. Learn more about how our talented team of passionate designers, developers, and product experts can build value for you.

Our Values

We believe that individual talent can only take you so far in our industry. While personal excellence is highly valued at STRV, so is a deep commitment to collaboration - both internally and externally with your team.


Commitment to Excellence

“Good enough” is never good enough for us. Every member of our team is here because of a passion to be the best at what we do.


Driven by Innovation

We are always on the lookout for technological advancements that streamline our work, and ensure top-quality for our partners.


Part of Your Team

Our team is your team. Whether you have been building products for years, or new to the industry, we are teammates on your path to success.

How We Work



Whether you want us to follow your vision or start nurturing an idea from the ground up using our expertise, we always aim to create the best experience for your users.


Direct Contact

Most of our management overhead has been removed so we can be as effective as possible. As such, you will always be in direct contact with STRV engineers & designers.


Available Immediately

We try hard to reduce processes to a minimum so we can focus on getting the work done and letting everyone show off their skills as soon as possible. Get in touch with us!

Clients Are Saying

“The quality of work product from STRV in terms of design, technical capacity and just the overall friendliness and demeanor of the people is top-notch. Everybody is just best-in-class and a pleasure to work with.”

Howard Makler,
Co-Founder @ Rich Uncles

“It ended up saving us money working with STRV, because they delivered premium product right from the beginning.”

Richie Stapler,
Co-Founder & CEO @ Pura Scents

“For the first time in our company history just about every single platform that we worked together on was featured on the app stores.”

Harry Lang,
VP of Product @ Feeln
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