Wrap-up: Backend Meetup with automated tests, serverless backend and Terraform

Our most recent developer meetup dived into the complexities of automated tests, serverless backend and infrastructure with Terraform. Needless to say, STRV’s backend team was totally on fire!

If you missed the action, check out the links to presentations below.

ivan at backend meetup

Ivan Lukasevych was up first, giving our guests insider tips on how to master automated tests.

“It’s an important aspect of software development flow,” he explained. “It ensures reliability of your codebase and gives you peace of mind when it comes to adding changes or new features.”

miroslav andrysek at backend meetop

Miroslav Andrysek followed with a look at serverless backend, which he said is “a great approach if you do not want to worry about managing your own servers because almost everything is handled by the provider of your choice.”

“The whole backend can be build as serverless, but you can even use this approach if you want to just handle scheduled events, process smaller uploaded files or handle notifications,” Miroslav said, adding that the way he sees it, “serverless is still young and not many people know much about this.”

robert at backend meetup

Robert Rossmann, a meetup veteran, then turned to Terraform, explaining how it can help — or harm — your infrastructure.

“With Terraform it's super easy to create, update or destroy your infrastructure quickly and reliably” — destroy your infrastructure reliably ... hmmmmm??! — “and frees you of making all changes manually, which is frequently error-prone and time-consuming,” Robert said. “Using Terraform on big projects is a natural fit, and on small projects, it might seem like overkill at first, but once you try it, you will never want to go back.”

Robert showed Terraform all up close and personal during a live demo.

“It was funny how people's interests change from person to person,” he said about the crowds in Prague and Brno. “Someone was more curious about the font I use in my editor rather than in Terraform itself — it's Operator Mono, if you are curious.”

strv backend meetup brno

Check out the full presentations below from our Prague meetup:

The pictures from the Prague and Brno meetups are already up. Make sure to tag yourself and share with friends.

strv backend meetup in brno

Our next meetup will focus on Android. Topics are to be announced, but we are kicking around a couple of ideas, including Google Assistant, location tracking on Android and CI. Stayed tuned, and follow us on Facebook or subscribe to our newsletter.

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