Wrap-up: iOS Meetup with localizing storyboards and stereo photography

Our iOS team ushered in the new year with a stimulating meetup that covered a range of hot topics from localizing storyboards to stereo photography. There was also a presentation about building dev teams — because, hey, it’s always important to have a little management skills refresher.

For those who couldn’t make it, we got you covered. The presentation links (as always) are below.

Jindra from STRV

Jindra Dolezy got the party started by outlining a few ways to localize storyboards without wanting to pull your hair out.

“Localizing storyboards is usually quite a pain,” Jindra readily admits. “The default way of doing this can be confusing and error-prone, so I figured out how to do it a bit easier. I've been using this approach in several production apps, and it always worked well.”

(Spoiler alert: He knows what he’s talking about, and your notes from his presentation can be traded for Bitcoin. Maybe.)


Jakub Vodak followed with some words of wisdom about how to build great products by building great dev teams. He went over some common issues that crop up when working with clients and shared tips on how to overcome these problems. He even asked for a couple of brave volunteers to help him demonstrate these points. (Bravo!)

“I was able to speak with many attendees at the afterparty, and the feedback was great, and they gave me some other tips and advice. The skillset of the audiences in Prague and Brno was very high,” Jakub boasts.


Jan Zimandl wrapped up with a discussion about stereo photography, which was done partially in 3D and was many shades of cool.

“I wanted to show tech people that it is really easy to create your own 3D photo from vacation or other interesting places,” Jan says.

Attendees were introduced to the basics and theory behind stereoscopic images and how to create rad 3D photos using Jan’s rad new 3D Photo app. (Did we mention the presentation was rad?) Jan even shared some of his code with the Prague and Brno audiences.

“They also laughed at my jokes, so I was satisfied,” he adds. Awwww.


Check out the presentations below from our Prague meetup:

We took a ton of pictures! Make sure to tag yourself in the gallery from Prague here and from Brno here.

Our next Dev Meetup will be about frontend and will take place on April 3 in Brno and April 5 in Prague. For more details follow us on Facebook or subscribe to our newsletter.

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