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Empowering People to speak up about workplace harassment

AllVoices is a web-based platform that allows people to anonymously report harassment, bias and culture issues directly to their company leadership without fear of repercussions.

The Need

AllVoices needed a secure website where employees could file reports about issues they experienced or witnessed while on the job. The data provided would be aggregated and submitted to company leaders to review and take proactive measures—thus bringing transparency to top business execs about what’s happening behind the scenes at their companies.

The Challenge

Armed with a group of influential advisors and investors, AllVoices’ aim was to create safer, more inclusive companies across all business sectors. STRV was tapped to develop the website from scratch, and to make the platform flexible enough to create customized user experiences and dashboards for different companies. This system was to allow HR leaders, CEOs and board directors to closely monitor and track their businesses’ culture metrics.

The STRV Solution

Because the platform had to be prepared to cater to a variety of companies’ needs, our team had to take a highly specific approach. Building from the ground up, we ultimately delivered a solution that encrypts all the personal data that is collected, and that goes through regular security audits. It also allows companies to customize the data they collect and the dashboards where it is displayed. In other words, we didn’t just develop one website, but a multi-tenancy system.

Additionally, we provided product and project management, including UX/UI testing to find out how comfortable people were using the service. Based on our research results, we ended up changing a number of questions, as well as how the questions were positioned. We wanted to make sure the site didn’t go live until users felt comfortable with the product in any scenario.

As AllVoices hired members of our team to work for them full-time, STRV was able to seamlessly hand off aspects of the project throughout the entire collaboration. We continue to work with AllVoices now, ensuring that the platform handles the sensitive information it receives securely, and with care.

“The most important thing was to hire a team that could do it really quickly, and really well. People who could set the foundation for turning this into a full-fledged enterprise SaaS product—which it is today.”

Claire Schmidt,
Founder & CEO, AllVoices
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