Making cities feel smaller, campuses more accessible and commutes less stressful through fun, fast and simple transportation.

Backed by Y-Combinator and Kickstarter

The Opportunity

Boosted offers urbanites, cooperate types, nature lovers and tech nerds a smarter way of getting from Point A to Point B. Take a weekend spin on a classic Plus board. Cruise to work on a Mini or a Stealth. These sleek electric longboards are ushering in a new, more sophisticated generation of riders.

Available in 34 countries, Boosted enthusiasts have collectively logged more than 10 million miles across the globe. With speeds reaching 24 miles per hour, Boosted has designed the ultimate ride from the ground up.

The Challenge

Boosted’s co-founders — a trio of Stanford University classmates – were looking to give their riders, who average more than 1,500 miles per year, a more integrated experience.

Boosted wanted to tap into the Android market as well as develop a whole new UI for its existing iOS app. STRV made it happen.

Our Solution

Drawing inspiration from our own in-office longboards, we assigned two engineers to build Boosted’s Android app from scratch. Another pair of engineers worked in tandem with our design team to update the iOS app’s UI.

With the apps functioning smoothly, we started adding a bunch of new features that will help riders sync up with their boards, giving Boosted a leg up on the competition.

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