Flip is an auction-based marketplace that connects popular, limited edition kicks with their new owners. Built by STRV, praised by Apple and will.i.am.

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“The user interface is freaking awesome.”

will.i.am / entrepreneur, producer, musician


For some, collecting, buying and reselling sneakers is not just about wearing the market’s most fashionable footwear. Whether you call it a trend, a bubble or a new form of economy, one thing is certain – the sneakerheads' world needs a place where sellers can liquidate their assets quickly, while buyers enjoy getting a reasonable deal.

When Kemar Newell, a former engineer at Apple and Google, approached us with his vision to create such a marketplace, we went all in. The challenge ahead was alluring: to launch an eBay for the Snapchat generation.


Our role

When Kemar's sneaker marketplace idea was incorporated into our initial design concept, we knew ours would be more than just another typical partnership.

We started with the logo and went on to design the entire branding for Flip and its visual language. With this homework marked done, we moved on to help fine-tune the product itself, looking at Flip's business as a whole.

However, let's not forget that the project's core lies in the app where the auctions take place. We allocated a team of designers and engineers to develop, launch and continue tweaking Flip to provide the best user experience possible.

More than two years into the project, we have had the chance to help Flip on a level unimaginable at the beginning, including designing a pop-up store in Los Angeles.

The fact that Kemar agreed to host one of our popular Silicon Valley Insights talks was a testament to our long and loyal partnership.

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