Spoon Rocket

Most Convenient
Meal Ever

This Y Combinator-backed real-time meal delivery startup was named one of “Today’s Most Innovative Companies" by Fast Company Magazine. It's been featured in TechCrunch, VentureBeat, The Huffington Post and many other publications.

Featured in Forbes


SpoonRocket asked STRV to improve its web and mobile customer ordering experience to make it the most convenient food delivery service on the market. The challenge was to make ordering intuitive enough for first-time users and super fast for power users.


STRV completely redesigned and coded the mobile app and web app from scratch. The focus was on very high usability and very clear calls to action. A user can order a meal in just three clicks. During the development, we were also able to leverage the knowledge we gained building our own startup Ordr.

"Working with STRV is like having a team of really talented professionals in-house without months of headhunting. STRV saved our business from losing critical time and money."

Anson Tsui,
Co-Founder, Spoon Rocket
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