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Why Scavenger Land Chose to Build on Polygon

ProductInside STRVSep 15, 2022

ProductInside STRV


Sep 15, 2022

Martin StavaCo-founder of STRV & Scavenger Land

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At Scavenger Land, we’re cautious optimists when it comes to web3. Not everything going on in the NFT gaming space makes sense. So when choosing a blockchain platform, we considered what’s best for the players — and feel confident that Polygon is the right choice.

Let’s backtrack a bit. Our team has been following the Ethereum ecosystem since 2017, specifically since the launch of CryptoKitties. Last year, we felt like NFTs were finally becoming mainstream and the time was right for us to enter the scene. We decided to build a free-to-play game where premium items would be represented as NFTs.

By using NFTs, we hoped to enable a sense of true ownership and collectibility leading to a deeper connection with the lore. All that without compromising the fun (we’ve seen too many web3 games take the play-to-earn model way too far).

Once we’d settled on our goals, we faced a decision familiar to most web3 devs: Which blockchain platform should we deploy to?

After following the crypto market for 5+ years, we believe Ethereum’s network effects and its maturity make it almost unbeatable at this point. But Ethereum comes with high transaction costs potentially surpassing the cost of the actual game items.

When choosing the layer 2 solution, we applied the same logic as we did with layer 1. We were looking to identify an emerging leader in the space, one with the highest developer activity (particularly in gaming). Once we start onboarding players, it’ll be important that they’re familiar with the technology and know how to use it.

The overall sentiment of our community towards this decision feels positive, and we hope that what we ultimately create in part thanks to Polygon does our supporters justice.

Scavenger Land Alpha Season launches in 2023. Join our Discord to secure your spot.

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