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We’ve been making high-quality digital products release-after-release
since 2004. So whatever you need, we can build it.

Planning & Strategy

It all starts with your idea. We’ll investigate it from every angle, unlocking the key insights that will help your brand stand out from the crowd.

  • Market research
  • Concepts
  • Competitive Landscape
  • Idea Validation & Product-Market Fit
  • MVP Definition
  • Real User Feedback

Design & UX

Next, our design team will bring your brand and product to life: ensuring that it’s not just visually stunning and innovative, but that the user experience is intuitive, effective and delightful.

  • Mobile app design
  • Website and web app design
  • Smart TVs
  • Wearables
  • Internet of Things
  • Product scope
  • Prototyping
  • User experience reviews
  • Brand and identity for startups
  • Digital product design
  • Motion design

Our award-winning design team is the reason many clients work with us over and over. After years of successful execution, STRV is now recognized as one of the best teams in User Interaction Design.


By harnessing the latest techniques, tools and technologies, our expert developers will create high-performance apps and back-end solutions for your brand — whatever the field or platform required.

  • iOS development
  • Android development
  • Web development
  • Backend development
  • React Native

Our development group has expert-level proficiency across multiple fields, specializations, and platforms.

Testing & Quality Assurance

All our QA testing is executed in-house by a dedicated team, ensuring that every line of code, pixel of code and interaction with your app is perfect.

  • Product exploration
  • Functionality testing
  • Performance testing
  • Accessibility testing
  • Usability testing
  • Localization testing
  • Security testing
  • Claims testing
  • User testing
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