/ 2020

One Ultimate Porsche App to Rule Them All


Ready to up its digital game, the auto legend turned to STRV for help with consolidating a full range of services into a single app: My Porsche. Today, it’s the go-to app for Porsche owners worldwide — handling the majority of all customer needs — and a 2x winner of the eMobility Excellence Report.

After a thorough partner selection process, STRV was tapped to help Porsche become a leader in the car-tech industry with My Porsche, a mobile app connecting drivers’ smartphones with their vehicles. My Porsche replaced several fragmented platforms as the sole practical access point to the digital world of Porsche. We’ve since tackled multiple projects together, with no end in sight.

What we did


STRV supported Porsche with a fully self-empowered team across design, iOS, Android, backend development and QA. We continue working closely with Porsche's product management to this day.

— iOS, Android, backend and QA for My Porsche app
— Design and development of features used by all Porsche digital products
— Cross-departmental collaboration
— Ongoing support and post-launch optimization


iOS app
Android app

  • 150K+

    Active app users in a few months post-release
  • 47

    Countries using app
  • 2x

    Winner of eMobility Excellence

All-in-one native mobile app

Creating the ideal companion

To make the My Porsche app the “ideal companion,” we first focused on customer relations and content tasks — to understand how to better service and communicate with Porsche owners. We analyzed all available features across platforms, including navigation, the account confirmation flow, event bookings, direct communication with users, tracking progress on custom-built cars, roadside assistance and more.

Specialized teams per feature

Throughout development, each capability within the app had specialized teams to ensure faster time-to-market and efficient decision-making without sacrificing product quality. At times, the project had over a dozen domain, system and program teams, with STRV engineers split among several of them. Together with the Porsche team, we functioned as one cohesive unit — with our engineers often co-leading their respective features until implementation was complete.

I’ve worked in software development for 8 years, and I’d never experienced a provider that always delivers such high quality on time. Usually, if you have a large provider that brings all types of people to the table, you can have someone who isn’t that good. However, we have nothing to complain about STRV.
Pascal Schulze BispingProduct Owner, Porsche AG

Matching Porsche quality

Practical, modern UI

To meet the quality expectations assigned to everything in the Porsche environment, we created a sleek yet practical user interface — replacing the in-person dealership experience with a simple, always reliable digital flow. Customers eagerly jumped on board, with results showing a drastic change in the preferred method of communication: from in-person and website to mobile.

Exceeding a multi-year standard

In just a few months post-release, the My Porsche app gained over 150,000 active users — roughly half of what Porsche’s core website had achieved in over six years. The Porsche team dubbed this a “tremendous success” from a company perspective and has publicly applauded our “excellent performance as partners,” to which we humbly say: Right back at ya. 

The app went live in the summer of 2021; we now have 150,000 active users. It’s roughly half of what the web portal did over six years. From a company perspective, it’s a tremendous success.
Pascal Schulze BispingProduct Owner, Porsche AG

Cross-team collaboration

Daily syncs, weekly prototypes

To keep the fragmented capabilities and lengthy to-dos of each feature on track, our team met Porsche’s product management for a video call every morning, delivered bi-weekly prototypes and presented demo after demo via regular sprint check-ins. Add to that our ongoing Slack communication, and our years-long partnership has been a bona fide masterclass in planning. 

4+ years of achievements

Since My Porsche’s release, we’ve helped expand Porsche’s digital experience in diverse ways — like refining the customer experience and system features, scaling post-launch, creating custom features for all Porsche digital products (beyond mobile) and more. As of 2023, My Porsche is ranked significantly higher than its competition and has won the eMobility Excellence Report two years in a row, namely due to its “range of functions and overall user experience.” 

They’re excellent in their work. It’s a bold statement, but these people are currently one of the best people we’ve worked with.
Pascal Schulze BispingProduct Owner, Porsche AG