Curious Minds Wanted
Curious Minds Wanted
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Life With STRV

Who dis?We’re a team that supports each
other in pushing for the best, and we’re looking for people with the skills and character to make us even better.(#strive) For us, that starts with genuine curiosity.

STRV’s an endless chain of questions, learning and sharing. This atmosphere reflects exactly who we are (and it makes us pretty proud (—‿—)).

  • We’ve got a ★ 4.7 score and reputation on Glassdoor ↗

  • Our team represents 22 nationalities (2024)

  • 99% of people who’ve worked/interviewed here recommend STRV

Our Story

it's simpleWay back when, a few guys
asked a question: “Can we build a leading tech company of smart people we’ll genuinely want to be around?” And to this day, there’s nothing that better describes STRV.(D+M+L+P, 2004)

We are a design and engineering team that cares about what we do and who we do it with. Every person here knows the value of kindness.

Being nice to each other may sound simple, but a positive atmosphere doesn’t just happen; it takes finding the right people. However, this doesn't mean we expect the whole team to have the same motivations.

The STRV team is highly vocal and always down for a debate. We learn from our differences. But what we agree on are STRV’s core principles (↓) — because, collectively, we’re the ones who created them.

UX/UI Designer working on product design
Priority #1: Never run out of juice
Software Engineer focusing with headphones
Focus time gets serious here

Our Principles(6)

STRV really took on our project as their own, approaching even the smallest tasks with great care. They wanted to understand our motivations, our goals, our worries... everything. In terms of design and development quality, they’re absolute experts in what they do.
Emmanuel Saccoccini
Data Science team meeting of engineers
Data Science team meeting of engineers

Our Culture

#careThe foundation of our daily routines lies in helping each other out.
This has always been the case, and it is among the values which have a profound meaning to all of us.

STRV doesn’t just hire based on skills. It’s the character, passion and dedication that often determine who makes the cut.

STRV Co-founder and Android developer talking
Just two guys riffing
Marketing team laughing at a brainstorm session
All day, every day

Our Benefits(8)

STRV's approach to team integration is special. They hire extremely confident and competent engineers. STRV built a vibrant community, which is how they attract great talent.
Ryan Ogle