Every Client Brings
New Inspiration

We have been fortunate to work
with more than 200 of them.


We deliver maximum possible quality in the minimum possible time. How? We’re built that way as a company. Built to maximise the skillsets we offer and minimise the processes. Listen more and talk less. Happy to charge for value, not for self-indulging presentations.

  • 150+

  • 200+

    Apps developed
  • 17

  • 5


Our services

We build startups, digital products and offer limited highly-specialised meetups called Value Sessions.

Product management

  • Market research
  • Brand and identity
  • Idea validation
  • Defining MVP
  • Concept

Interaction design

  • Mobile, Web, SmartTV, iOT
  • Prototyping
  • User experience reviews
  • Brand and identity
  • Motion design

Software development

  • iOS and tvOS
  • Android & FireTV
  • Web
  • Backend
  • React Native

Testing & QA

  • Product exploration
  • Performance testing
  • Usability testing
  • Security testing
  • Functionality testing

Value Sessions

Highly-specialised meetups designed to tackle the most difficult development, design, marketing and brand challenges, curated by top professionals.

Clients Are Saying

“The quality of work product from STRV in terms of design, technical capacity and just the overall friendliness and demeanor of the people is top-notch. Everybody is just best-in-class and a pleasure to work with.”

Howard Makler,
Co-Founder @ Rich Uncles

“It ended up saving us money working with STRV, because they delivered premium product right from the beginning.”

Richie Stapler,
Co-Founder & CEO @ Pura Scents

“For the first time in our company history just about every single platform that we worked together on was featured on the app stores.”

Harry Lang,
VP of Product @ Feeln