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How Our Hiring Process Protects STRV Culture

Inside STRVProcessMar 2, 2020

Inside STRVProcess


Mar 2, 2020

Linda KrestanovaCommunications Manager

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Our goal has always been to have every person on the team represent the best of STRV. That’s hard to achieve. It was especially difficult — but possibly more important than ever — when our company hit a stage of rapid growth a few years ago. We had to pause and ask ourselves, 'How do we continue to make sure that every person on the STRV team has a level of expertise and values that not only parallels our own, but makes us better?'

Looking at the almost 200 people that are without a doubt STRV’s greatest strength, we think we figured it out pretty well. Thing is, a person is a lot more than a resume. The right person for us is a self-driven team player with a sense of restless curiosity. And, honestly, it’s someone we want to hang out with after work.

To find that person, our HR department focuses on four points during the hiring process and the multiple interviews and chats that go along with it.

Are You an Expert That Stands Out?

For engineering positions alone, we receive up to 100 applications per month. To find out more about each candidate’s skills, we utilize test projects designed by our Team Leads to pinpoint strengths and weaknesses. These tests are challenging and, statistically speaking, most people who put in the work will not be hired. So, to make sure no one feels robbed of their time, we provide in-depth feedback to the test takers — not just to those we hire, but also to those we do not.  

And we don’t just check for talent in our own neighborhood. Our recruitment team meets people from all over the world, and the system we’ve built for onboarding our international colleagues takes into consideration all obstacles and aims to make the transition as smooth as possible.

Is the STRV Lifestyle Right for You?

Freedom means no micromanagement. We build our work life around trust — in each individual’s pace, needs and approach. The multiple steps in our hiring process mirror the care we put into picking top developers and designers who appreciate that trust, and who take responsibility for their work.

We also look at character because the STRV lifestyle is something we protect. Having a creative and positive atmosphere to come to every day is something we’ve worked hard to cultivate, and it’s irreplaceable. To join the team, you have to understand and identify with our values. There’s a shared conviction among us that we are here to solve problems, not perpetuate them. That goes for work and for anything else that comes our way.

We’re friends driven by the dedication of those around us. We look for feedback. We grow through self-education and opportunities like company-supported research and frequent platform meetings. We prioritize quality, which means we thrive on the hard work that taking on big things requires. And after all of this, we sit down for a drink and a good laugh.

Do You Pursue Ongoing Education?

Our team does not get comfortable. The people that drive our projects, that put their signatures on products built by STRV — they don’t settle for being esteemed today and for having a strong portfolio that reflects the hard work of yesterday. We want to take on new challenges, learn new things. And we want to be up-to-date on everything, always.

STRV provides the resources and time that constant learning requires. If anyone requests mentoring or a workshop, it’s a done deal. And more than just being present at top conferences worldwide, our own Speakers Program means we often give talks at these conferences.

On top of that, we throw more than 50 events a year, like Silicon Valley Insights, Open Design Sessions and Developer Meetups — all of which allows our team to thank the community for supporting what we do, and to speak about the quality work our team has done and that we’re proud to share.  

There are almost no limits to what our experts can do for self-improvement, which is why we hire people that will regularly pursue these opportunities with enthusiasm and will provide suggestions on how we can do more.

How Do You Handle Collaboration and a Flexible Schedule?

Because our clients are primarily U.S. companies, everyone on our team knows that their working hours may differ from one day to the next. Each project has a slightly different meeting schedule and its own specific requirements — one of which is sometimes flying to a different country for a few days or weeks.

When starting a project, we discuss the cooperation’s structure with both our own team and the client’s. But rarely is it a clearcut, simple solution, and we need the people on our side to understand that this is to be expected; we’re not in a clearcut, simple industry.

Once we’ve set up the daily standups, weekly meetings and so on, it’s all about collaboration. How well do you collaborate with your own colleagues? How well do you communicate concerns to team leads and, when needed, to the client? How forthcoming are you when the going gets tough? Our clients often thank us for our friendly approach and ability to remain composed and organized. We’re able to do this because we truly care about the projects we work on. We don’t work for our clients; we work with them. Their challenges become our own, as do their successes. That’s true collaboration, and it’s important that everyone on our team feel the same.

Why Are We So Specific?

We’re not in this to get a job done and head out. We’re in it for our own creative and professional fulfillment. Learning and brainstorming together, trusting the input of our colleagues, shaking an idea from all angles until we’ve exposed its every flaw and real value.

STRV wasn’t built in a day. It was patiently assembled by four guys who wanted to do awesome things with smart people in a friendly environment. Now, we all get to work in that environment, and it’s our collective responsibility to take care of it. So, we do. Starting with our hiring process.

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