Wrap-up: STRV's workshop at By Design 2016

STRV was one of the partners at this year's By Design Conference, which was held in Bratislava on May 21. This year's theme was Creativity + Business, and as you might be aware, we know a thing or two about that. And so, our design team was invited to hold a workshop the day before the conference to kickstart the event, and we had the chance to share some of our tips, tricks and magical geeky things as well as provide a brief inside look at our know-how.

The guys had a blast and helped us put together a quick recap especially for those of you who missed it. And don't forget to read this post all the way till the end!

Satori Stage – home of great hot dogs, proper cheddar, tasty coffee and most importantly, the amazing vibe such an event requires – was ours for the afternoon. STRV Creative Director Pavel Zeifart's talk on the "10 Things we Fucked Up" gave context to the audience of what STRV is all about, by highlighting both our beginnings and what we learned from past mistakes while designing apps. Lukas Imrich followed with a very in-depth talk about "Mobile UX Best Practices," where he displayed a great dedication to his craft — our boy shared almost 100 slides of wisdom with the attendees! And after a short break, Juan Herrera took the stage for a short talk about some of the processes we follow on projects as well as tips for improving our workflow called, unsurprisingly, "Processes and Workflow." He also did a quick demonstration in Sketch.

After the talks, it was time to make stuff! The main objective of the workshop was to solve three different issues, all of them based on those we faced when dealing with a project we tackled a few months ago. In an oddly-timed turn of events, our design team learned that out of the 40 people who joined our workshop, only five of them had worked on a mobile app project before – now that’s pressure! We felt fear taking hold of our bodies as we expected people would leave after losing interest in the workshop. Except that didn’t actually happen...

...it was quite the opposite! Everyone dived passionately into the tasks and immediately started sketching the screens, asking questions, discussing in groups. The result? Everyone made functioning solutions! Some went really visual in their approach, while others focused on the functionality. We were blown away by how dedicated everybody was, as well as by their skill level and professionalism. As far as we’re concerned, we couldn’t have asked for a better group than this. Kudos to them!

And what can we say about the conference itself? Well. We truly enjoyed having a chance to hang out with the other attendees and listening to such a wide range of international talent. Simply experiencing what the guys from By Design put together for us all was a treat – they were the real heroes here. In short, we loved it and are looking forward to next year’s conference.

Thanks, By Design team!

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Juan Herrera

Juan Herrera

Designer at STRV. I'm responsible for the complete design process of a product—starting from research, wireframes and user-flows to visual design and promotion.

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