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Android Academy

Prague, Czechia

Apr 20 - Jun 22, 2022

Wed 6-8pm

10 lessons

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Here's the dealYoung talent needs to be nurtured to grow. With a rich history of sharing what we know, we are experts in providing guidance — it’s embedded in who we are. Which is why we’re bringing back our STRV Academy, meant for juniors who want to acquire new skills, try fresh approaches and learn from the best. Starting with Android!

The Goal of the STRV Academy: Android

Our team aims to provide an introduction to the Android ecosystem and to guide you in building a working prototype of an app from scratch. We’ll be using the Jetpack Compose UI framework and other Android Jetpack libraries to achieve our goal.

You will learn how to create a new project in Android Studio, develop a user interface in Jetpack Compose, navigate through the app, handle data and states, process network data from REST API, persist data in a database, handle permissions and much more. Our experienced mentors will explain how to design a proper app architecture and show you the best practices in Android development.

The STRV Academy isn’t here to throw a ton of theory at you. We want you to experience the craft and try out the new skills you’ll gain — so expect plenty of coding.

Course Organization

During the first week, you meet the STRV team and your classmates and receive all the introductory info. You can also have some fun right after the first lesson at a networking event in our Scrollbar.
From there, you attend regular lessons and get the chance to book mentoring with our engineers. On top of that, we host social events and soft skills training for you, so you can enjoy everything that STRV has to offer.
Throughout the last week, you finalize your Android app and have the opportunity to go over anything you didn't quite catch earlier, since this is kind of a bonus week. And who knows… maybe you’ll end up strolling our STRV offices as a new member of our team. Sounds good? Let's go!


  • Week 1 - Hello Android by Petr Nohejl - Introduction to the Academy; mobile development; Android in general; development tools; Kotlin refresher
  • Week 2 - User Interface by Vaclav Tarantik - Demo of the final product; Activity — what it is and how to define it in the manifest; Introduction to Composables; Basic Composables (Text, Image, Row, Column, etc.)
  • Week 3 - Theming by Juraj Kuliska - Themes and animations; Android Material You; How to work with Figma files; What to expect from designers
  • Week 4 - Architecture by Lukas Valkovic - Introduction to app architecture for Compose; Using state in Jetpack compose; ViewModels
  • Week 5 - Networking by Ondrej Komarek - Dynamic lists; Introduction to networking; Coroutines; API definition; Data modeling
  • Week 6 - Persistence by Jakub Gongol - Data persistence: Introduction to Room; DataStore
  • Week 7 - Permissions by Jiri Parizek - Working with Storage; Permissions; Introduction to DI
  • Week 8 - DevOps by Michal Jenicek - App polishing; Testing; Optimization for different screen sizes; App release; Distribution
  • Week 9 - View System by Lukas Hermann + Renata Phamova - Jetpack Compose vs. the View system used for Android development for more than 10 years
  • Week 10 - Best Practices by Marek Abaffy - Q&A; Tips & Tricks; Best practices; Common mistakes


You can ask for help anytime during the Academy via Slack. We’ll help either via Slack, a 1on1 consultation via Google Meet or in person. We prefer continuous mentoring and consultations during the whole program. Mentors will be officially introduced in the first lecture.


The expected level of knowledge of the participants is Junior or Junior/Mid, since we will be going over the very basics of Android. However, we do expect the attendees to be familiar with the basics of programming, ideally in Kotlin (Java should also work; it’ll be harder for participants to adjust, but it’s definitely doable). We recommend going through the following Kotlin Basics Programming Track by Jetbrains to get familiar with the Kotlin ecosystem and be ready for the course.


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