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STRV & Barry's: Elevating a Leading Fitness Brand

ProductJun 25, 2020



Jun 25, 2020

Linda KrestanovaCommunications Manager

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We are proud to announce that STRV and Barry’s have joined forces to build the next generation of the fitness brand’s digital product. This partnership has been long in the making, with two of STRV’s founders showing unparalleled passion for Barry’s workouts by visiting all 50 locations across the world.

As Barry’s new primary technological partner, STRV will help the brand slightly shift direction and take on new opportunities presented during the COVID-19 lockdown. Following the lockdown, most of Barry’s studios temporarily closed its doors and launching a brand new digital product — Barry’s X — became a necessity. This got the team thinking of possible further expansion. Utilizing STRV’s expertise, Barry’s plans to create digital products that will be on par with the brand’s strong identity.

This collaboration brings together two industry leaders with an equal sense of community and drive. Priding themselves on promoting a lifestyle, Barry’s combines high-intensity interval training, top instructors with a background in entertainment, curated playlists and their signature “red room experience” to create a unique atmosphere for dynamic workouts. With STRV’s dedication to cultivating a tight-knit company culture and connecting the design and tech community through meaningful events, these two brands share an enthusiasm for doing things differently.  

STRV’s awareness of Barry’s stems back to 2018, when STRV co-founder David Semerad and co-founder and CEO Lubo Smid began their Barry’s Bootcamp journey in Venice, California. As two old friends with increasingly busy schedules, they decided to combine their fitness goals with quality time and began taking regular classes together. This turned into an ambitious objective: visiting all 50 of Barry’s studios within one year — the so-called Barry’s World Tour. From Milan to Sydney, the duo managed to make it happen, ending the run with a class with Barry’s CEO, Joey Gonzalez, in Venice.

As soon as Barry’s began looking for a new partner to take on upcoming projects, STRV jumped at the chance and created a concept that showcased our team’s extensive knowledge of the brand. Thanks to STRV’s reputation of a solid company with the capacity and know-how to take on bigger projects, joining forces was a swift decision.

“I want STRV to work on projects we’re passionate about. This is a prime example. David and I got to know firsthand just how special the community is and why it’s one of the most popular fitness studios in the U.S. And now, we get to do something meaningful together. It does not get any better.” - Lubo Smid, STRV Co-founder & CEO

About Barry's

Barry's is a boutique fitness and lifestyle brand offering high-intensity interval workouts consisting of alternating sessions of cardio and strength training. Started in 1998, its game-changing fitness classes quickly became known as the best workout in the world.

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