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STRV Named a Clutch Leader in App Development & Web Design

DesignEngineeringOct 7, 2019



Oct 7, 2019


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“To be considered a Clutch Leader in both app development and web design makes us thrilled on a number of levels. We know we have our clients to thank. We know Clutch works hard to recognize those who’ve earned it. And we’re proud to be going up in the rankings — because if there’s no growth, there’s no point.”
Lubo Smid, Co-Founder & CEO, STRV

STRV recognizes that design and development go hand in hand. Our team works hard to deliver incredible digital experiences by combining both disciplines in a seamless manner. And given the wealth of world-class products that we’ve delivered using this approach, being awarded by Clutch as a top performer among legal web designers feels like an honor that we’ve earned through our relentless dedication.

Clutch has also highlighted our expertise in designing websites for real estate firms, and in developing mobile applications for retail and education organizations.

We’re grateful for all of this recognition. It means that our work continues to stand out. And that our clients appreciate and trust what we do, and how we do it.

Clutch uses a wide range of sources to evaluate and rank companies across the globe. Although external market data is heavily considered, the crux of their research methodology is in-depth client reviews. These valuable pieces of content serve as windows into the experience working with B2B service providers. On our Clutch profile, readers can scour the multitude of reviews that we’ve collected to gain an accurate view of our project management and delivery style.

This feedback is important for two reasons. The first is that it helps us understand our clients and continuously improve our services. The second is that, because so much of it is positive, it serves as great motivation for our team.

“I've worked with a lot of vendors, but I've never seen this level of execution.”
– Edward Nelson, Director of Product Testing, Opkix

“STRV is all about the relationship and the partnership. They’re good at achieving because our product matters to them too. It doesn’t feel like they’re outsourced, it feels like they’re part of our team. That isn’t something that’s easy to achieve in this space.”
Scott Swanson, CEO,

We’d like to thank Clutch for featuring us on their platform, as well as our partners for continuing to support our goals. We could not have achieved this milestone without you.

Clutch is an incredible resource, along with its sister sites, The Manifest and Visual Objects. The Manifest is a blog-style B2B insights forum that also ranks companies in various geographies and business segments. (STRV has also received industry-wide recognition on this site as a top web developer in Los Angeles.) Visual Objects is a digital portfolio resource that helps companies visualize a future project with a potential service provider. Check out their portfolio.

Need more info before starting a project with us? Send us a quick note describing your goals, and let's talk.

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