Chief Revenue Officer


Full-time/Prague, Czechia

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Chief Revenue Officer

Prague, Czechia


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Here's the dealWe’re looking for someone we can trust to spearhead STRV growth using our strengths, and yours.

How You Can Leverage Your Experience

  • Run the show. You have what it takes to grow STRV’s revenue from $20m to $50m — leaving a mark not just within the Czech tech sphere, but across the world.
  • Leader and Coach in one. The Directors you manage coach their own team of Partnerships Managers, and you make sure they do it right, leading both directly and by example.
  • Create a legacy. We want the STRV footprint on 10% of the App Store’s Top 100 apps. When we get there, it’ll be thanks to you — because you stand behind those partnerships.
  • Global presence. Your team is located across Los Angeles, New York and the Czech Republic. You travel to keep everyone connected, which includes ~3 months in the US.

How You Fit In

You have extensive sales experience. You’ve led teams. And you understand our business.

You confidently choose the best course of action. The value of KPIs is ingrained in your day to day. Your sales strategies are time-tested and always customized to the goals ahead.

At this point in your career, you understand what makes a manager and a leader. You’re the coach who shares your know-how, and a relentless visionary for your team.

You understand the ins and outs of a digital product agency’s business — the nuances of selling to varied companies and industries, and the ever-changing market dynamics.

What you’ve read above is the description of an ideal candidate. It’s what we’re searching for, but we realize it might take a bit of time for you to reach a 100% across the board. If you’re eager to do so, we’re ready to support. You can find the in-depth job description below.


The Chief Revenue Officer (CRO) of STRV shapes the company's revenue landscape and plays a pivotal role in propelling the business forward. Key activities include crafting and executing comprehensive sales strategies aligned with STRV’s core values and strategic aspirations, while proactively guiding the team in establishing and nurturing meaningful client relationships to drive sustainable growth.


The CRO’s main objective is to spearhead revenue growth, acting as a key C-level member who brings a proven track record in strategic sales. The CRO maintains an in-depth understanding of STRV's services, business model, target audience and competitive landscape. Actively contributing fresh ideas, the CRO safeguards STRV's high standards by incorporating external feedback and refining our offerings as needed.

The CRO develops and implements the sales vision and strategy aligned with company goals, collaborating with other leaders for broader STRV objectives. The CRO monitors and evaluates the effectiveness of sales strategies, mitigates risks and ensures efficient plan execution.

Additionally, the CRO fosters a strong culture by coaching and guiding the Sales team, providing continuous professional development opportunities and actively promoting STRV culture within and across teams. In operations, the CRO has agile decision-making and problem-resolution skills. They set and monitor KPIs, take responsibility for accurate sales budgets and revenue forecasting — and play a crucial role in driving STRV's growth and success.

The main Chief Revenue Officer’s objectives fall into the following categories:

1. Professional Expertise

  • Leverage their proven track record to achieve or exceed revenue goals via activities such as creating detailed sales strategies, cooperating with Marketing on impactful campaigns and cultivating customer relationships.
  • Maintain a profound understanding of STRV services, business model, target audience and competitive landscape.
  • Contribute innovative ideas, identifying opportunities to expand and enhance STRV’s range of services and related strategies.
  • Guard STRV's standards of excellence, actively seeking and incorporating feedback from clients, industry trends and the market to refine and elevate STRV’s offerings.
  • Cultivate a robust professional network, connecting with key stakeholders for strategic partnerships and valuable market insights, then leveraging these connections to expand market reach and identify new business opportunities.

2. Vision & Strategy

  • Develop and implement a comprehensive sales strategy that aligns with the STRV’s goals, ensuring a consistent pipeline of revenue.

  • Contribute to STRV’s overarching strategy (in collaboration with other executive leaders) by ensuring that the sales strategy complements and supports it.

  • Outline clear, actionable plans that align with the STRV’s vision and market realities by developing detailed sales plans, forecasting revenue targets and tracking progress — while proactively identifying and mitigating potential risks.

  • Regularly evaluate sales strategies, marketing campaigns and customer success initiatives, identifying areas for improvement and promptly fixing what’s needed.

  • Communicate the STRV Vision to the team in an effective, motivational way that keeps everyone headed in the same direction, at the right speed.

3. Business
  • Create accurate and detailed sales budgets aligned with STRV's financial goals.

  • Forecast revenue accurately and consistently using historical data, market trends and competitive insights to make informed projections.

  • Ensure that resources are utilized efficiently and financial goals are consistently met.

  • Demonstrate a business-savvy approach and understand the inner workings of STRV’s business model, revenue stream and PnL.

  • Understand STRV’s full business needs and communicate, explain or defend any sales decisions as the face of Sales in internal communication.

4. Execution & Operations
  • Make sound and timely decisions to address challenges and opportunities. Analyze data, consider diverse perspectives and consistently choose the best course of action, ensuring strategic and successful outcomes for sales initiatives.

  • Lead the execution of sales plans by coordinating efforts and ensuring timely delivery.

  • Set and monitor KPIs to measure Sales’ success, maximize team efficiency and consistently meet or exceed predefined KPI benchmarks.

  • Ensure issues are swiftly resolved by keeping operations smooth even in high-pressure situations. When needed, notify the appropriate people of critical issues, providing clear and concise explanations of the problem and proposed solutions.

  • Prepare and present comprehensive and insightful sales reports for C-level. Effectively communicate sales performance, identify trends and highlight areas for improvement.

  • Maintain a high-level overview of Sales as well as the individual details of all the deals and clients. Manage and lead when appropriate, getting your hands dirty when needed.

5. People, Management & Leadership
  • Build STRV culture within the team by following STRV Principles, building a team with a strong work ethic and utilizing team buildings, learning and sharing.

  • Coach and guide the Sales team via an inspiring, motivating leadership style that fosters high performance and fulfillment, enabling each member to achieve their full potential.

  • Develop and mentor the team. Create opportunities for continuous professional development and encourage team members to take ownership of their growth.

  • Own and drive the team’s and individual growth. Continuously push people to learn by expanding knowledge about sales, technology, product management and STRV.

  • Be the face of STRV's sales efforts, representing the company internally and externally.


Professional Skills
  • Developing and executing sales strategy and plans

  • Business development and marketing

  • Cultivating and maintaining customer relationships

  • General software development industry knowledge

  • In-depth understanding of STRV's services, business model, target audience and competitive landscape

Vision & Strategy

  • Creating and implementing competitive, fresh strategies and plans

  • Contributing innovative ideas for expanding and enhancing service offerings

  • Seeing ahead clearly, anticipating future consequences and trends accurately

  • Future-oriented thinking, painting credible pictures and visions of possibilities and likelihoods


  • Creating accurate and detailed sales budgets

  • Accurate revenue budgeting, forecasting and controlling

  • Handling risk, uncertainty and unexpected changes

  • Business acumen regarding general inner workings of business

Operation & Execution

  • Sound and timely decision-making

  • Effective execution of sales strategy and plans

  • Swift and effective problem-solving

  • Setting and monitoring KPIs

  • Reporting and communication

  • Responsibility assignment and delegation

  • Setting clear objectives and measures

  • Monitoring process, progress and results

  • Designing feedback loops into work

People, Management & Leadership

  • Ability to apply various leadership styles

  • Building a team with strong work ethics

  • Cultural leadership, actively creating and promoting STRV culture

  • Coaching and motivating the Sales team

  • Developing and mentoring team members, acting as a people builder

  • Developing direct (and other) reports

  • Providing challenging and stretching tasks and assignments

Interpersonal Skills

  • Excellent networking

  • Active listening

  • Strong communication

  • Teamwork

  • Stress management

  • Relationship building

  • Negotiation

  • Giving, receiving and implementing feedback

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