Autonomous Retail
for AiFi

Creating the World’s Smoothest
Shopping Experience

AiFi brings a white label solution for cashier-free checkout. To automate stores worldwide, the team was looking for a longterm partner to help them dominate the global AI market.

The Need

With its own AI and machine learning solution, camera network-based system, shelving units and sensors, AiFi opens the doors to autonomous retail for all businesses—from mom-and-pop shops to the world’s largest retail chains. STRV was called to help lead the way for AiFi’s consumer app, and we quickly became a fully integrated team.

The Challenge

Joining AiFi’s experts, our engineers, QA and product manager came in with a three-month deadline. The job was to work alongside AiFi’s own team and deliver the first version of the iOS and Android consumer apps, an embedded app for analytics and a Shopify Bridge for managing inventory and payments.

To support AiFi’s goals of going global, the apps had to be intuitively designed to serve millions of customers across a myriad of businesses, while the Shopify Bridge had to be robust enough to handle everything from small businesses to large enterprises.

The STRV Solution

With four of our engineers on the job, we hit the ground running. STRV delivered everything on schedule, including the first version of a consumer application that manages the entire customer interaction with the AiFi system—granting access to all AiFi locations, hosting credit card payments and receipts, tracking the number of customers in the stores and more.

Following this three-month run, we cemented our longterm partnership by bringing in four other STRV engineers to support AiFi’s core development team and DevOps, as well as our designer to help design and implement a second version of the app. AiFi extended both our contract and the scope of cooperation with our product manager, who continues to help with the company’s rapid growth. This highlights a level of trust that we’re incredibly proud of, and we look forward to standing by AiFi’s side as they continue to thrive.

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