/ 2023

A ChatGPT Love Story: Generative AI for Grammy-Winning Artists


Kaiber is an AI creative lab and generative video platform used by more than 5 million creators, incl. Linkin Park and Kid Cudi. With its STRV-built mobile app, all of Kaiber’s core capabilities now fit into any artist’s pocket. And it all started with a ChatGPT search.

Kaiber is made for artists who don’t want to pay an animation studio hundreds of thousands for a music video. It offers a range of advanced AI tools, including text-to-video, image-to-video and video-to-video. The mobile app features an improved version of Kaiber’s extensive suite of unparalleled creation, and it even inspired a refresh of the renowned browser platform.


Victor WangFounder & CEO, Kaiber

What we did


STRV built the Kaiber iOS and Android apps and designed the mobile experience together with Kaiber’s Head of Design, the legendary Ede Schweizer.

— Development of Kaiber iOS and Android apps
— Design of apps in collaboration with Kaiber team
— Post-launch development and optimization 


iOS app
Android app

  • 5M

    Creators using Kaiber
  • 200K+

    Downloads on iOS + Android
  • 4.8

    App Store rating
They made us feel like we were super important clients to them, and I thought that was quite different than what we felt from a lot of their competitors.
Victor Wang, Founder & CEO, Kaiber

High-growth Startup Partner

ChatGPT brings Kaiber to STRV

Kaiber founder/CEO Victor Wang saw “STRV” repeatedly popping up on ChatGPT when looking for teams that “make high-quality mobile products and can work with a quick timeline.” At the time, Kaiber had just catapulted into the spotlight thanks to high-profile music videos and a viral TikTok trend, amassing millions of users and reporting seven figures in gross revenue. Beyond a new app, the bootstrapped studio needed a true partner to refine and simplify its product.

I've seen the app and product grow in under a year from a very beginning, alpha/beta face to what we're at now. I also understand that there's a lot more to come and I'm very excited for it. Stoked with everything so far the app runs fantastically!
Customer Feedback (2023)

Engaging with 110k+ users

We chose to start with a beta launch, taking a user-centric approach by engaging with Kaiber’s huge community on Discord and X (Twitter) — a valuable source of feedback that allowed us to make substantial improvements. The approach stemmed from our belief that the only way to create great products is by listening to users, then surprising them with a twist.


Enhanced Creation Flow

Eliminating waiting time

A key issue on the web was the wait time when generating a video, a known pain point within the generative AI industry. We built an entirely new creation flow that encourages users to continue creating, rather than waiting around — one video after another, with no need to pause when they’re in the zone. The refresh also included implementing features like video upscale, subscriptions and a seamless social sharing feature.

Unlimited media combos

We introduced the ability to create using personal images, existing videos, motion and audio, with options for individual clips or selections from artists like Yung Bae, August Kamp, Oksami and Kaiber Studio. Incorporating audio reactivity parameters allowed creations to dynamically respond to audio cues.

Redefining the foundation

Introducing new features

Our goal with mobile was doing more, but making it fun. While we added AI tools, we also fostered spontaneity — by enabling users to create content from their devices via new features like recording videos or taking pictures with the device's camera, all ready for immediate use in the creative process. Recognizing the superior user experience we created on mobile, Kaiber decided to align the web platform with the mobile flow crafted by STRV.

The app brings increased accessibility, an improved user experience and a revolutionary way for artists and creatives to co-create together.
Victor Wang, Founder & CEO, Kaiber

Collab with a design legend

Kaiber’s visual identity comes from the mind of Ede Schweizer, Kaiber’s Head of Design and former designer behind the iPhone and Android interfaces. An unhinged visionary in the best way, Ede has a deep understanding of UX/UI. This gave our collaboration the perfect balance. Our designers ran with every wild idea, doing what they do best: wrapping imagination in functionality and finding elegant solutions. Match made in design heaven.