/ 2021

MedMen — A trailblazer in redefining the cannabis industry, the premier US retailer made purchasing marijuana an upscale experience.

Long story short

When legalization ignited the cannabis market, MedMen jumped in to lead the movement. As the company worked with breakneck deadlines, STRV was able to provide an unlimited number of engineers with a variety of skills, always at the ready. 

MedMen Highlights

— Had an implied enterprise valuation of over $2 billion
— Raised a total of $483 million in funding over 7 rounds
— Owned one of only two licensed dispensaries in LA in 2018
— Employs 1,000 people throughout 32 dispensaries


— iOS Engineering
— Frontend Engineering
— Backend Engineering
— QA

About MedMen


MedMen was the name helping cannabis go mainstream as it became the largest and the most valuable cannabis company in the US, hitting $130 million in revenue in 2019. With more than 1,000 employees and 32 dispensaries, its impact is incomparable. 

From designing and constructing facilities in revolutionary ways to managing dispensaries at a never before seen level of professionalism, MedMen worked with breakneck deadlines to create an enhanced shopping experience that caters to longtime users and untapped demographics.


high growth

As states continued relaxing their marijuana laws, MedMen accelerated the development of its stores’ essential features in order to open its doors to eager customers. 

STRV’s engineers were brought in to take on the tasks at hand with reliable precision. Starting with perfecting the iOS Point of Sale (POS) app, we needed to ensure a smooth sales and registration process that took into consideration all steps required — including customers having to show their passports and providing receipts in locations where cannabis was not yet fully legalized for recreational purposes. 

From there, we had to be prepared for constant changes in the scope and nature of our collaboration. Our engineers’ experience with flexible work schedules and their ability to remain proactive, communicate efficiently and act fast was invaluable for MedMen’s evolving needs.



Following our iOS experts’ successful delivery of the POS app, STRV was asked to bring in backend engineers to tackle API-heavy work and help move to newer tech — such as graphQL — while gradually chipping away the more outdated PHP system.

Our frontend engineers were called to take on SEO tasks and the store management web app, among other improvements. Proving our attention to detail time and again led to MedMen trusting us with the cash management system, a notable project where our backend, frontend and iOS engineers had the freedom to drive the initiative while working closely with the company’s QA and project management teams.

Throughout our cooperation, we’ve had an average of seven fully dedicated engineers assigned exclusively to MedMen’s efforts. Our engineers were always at the ready. All challenges were faced without delay, allowing MedMen to dominate the unexplored territory of a thriving new industry — where every second counts.