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Minted is a design marketplace that works with a global community of artists. Through user voting and data analytics, Minted’s product selection is curated by the actual consumers and allows the marketplace to offer the best of everything—a complex business model that requires an agile tech partner.

The Need

The Minted team wasn’t looking for a one-off partner. They required long-term engineering and design support that could be trusted to be available at any scale within a moment’s notice—not just virtually, but on-site. And to avoid any lost time, verifiable achievements in the e-commerce field were a must.

But the choice was about more than expertise and flexibility. As a community of people who share a love for creative expression, risk-taking and helping each other, the Minted team was adamant about finding a partner as committed to transparency, as stimulated by passion and as dedicated to Minted’s values as they are. Cut to three years and multiple projects later, and STRV is proud to still be Minted’s pick for the role.

The Challenge

STRV was brought on during an exciting time for Minted—a period of accelerated growth and many ideas coming to fruition. Our team quickly blended in with Minted’s own because both sides were there for the same reason: to make something great even greater. Starting strong, we built a brand-new Minted website in under a month, a triumph that solidified STRV’s ability to act fast with nearly zero lead time. Since then, Minted has set (and reached) many business-critical goals, which have ensured that our partnership has had no shortage of thrills.

One project moved ahead so quickly that an STRV engineer hopped on a plane to Minted’s San Francisco’s headquarters within days of learning that Minted needed a swift helping hand. On another project, our machine learning engineer joined the team after he’d examined the case on his own time and realized that an ML solution could immensely benefit the tasks at hand. And even when our teams have worked in parallel—like building the iOS app while the designs were still taking shape—the outcome has always come together seamlessly.

The STRV Solution

Our engineers’ past e-commerce experience has allowed them to support Minted by making swift, confident decisions. For example, when we were called to create an entirely new mobile flow for cards in time for the holidays, our engineers knew a Progressive Web App (PWA) was the way to go and delivered in under two months. The solution works beautifully on all mobile and tablet devices, and allows users to personalize and order seasonal cards in no more than six screens.

STRV was undeterred by the scope of features when asked to implement Minted’s card customization platform-wide, and we were more than ready to take on the iOS app with yet another holiday deadline in 2020. Throughout our collaboration, what we’ve appreciated most is that every time Minted turns to us for a helping hand, both teams prioritize open, honest communication — just as Minted does for its own community, and as we do for ours.

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