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Minted — A renowned creative marketplace to discover, advocate for and buy exceptional work by independent artists worldwide.

Long story short

A design marketplace with a product selection curated by consumers, Minted’s complex business model requires an ecommerce-savvy, agile tech and design partner. We got the job at a time of rapid growth years ago, and it’s been a creative blast ever since.

Minted Highlights

Has raised a total of $297 million in funding
Art from Minted can be found in 75 million homes
Has 16,000 independent artists on the platform
Featured on Forbes, Architectural Digest, Business Wire


— Product Management
— Product Design
— Data Science
— Frontend Engineering
— iOS Engineering
— QA


iOS ↗

About Minted


Minted is a community-driven artist forum where creators submit ideas and bring their work to design lovers worldwide. 

The Minted product selection is curated by the actual consumers via advanced crowdsourcing technology — allowing the marketplace to offer the best of everything while creators receive an ongoing commission.  

Minted’s flourishing community of independent artists is located in all 50 US states and more than 100 countries. Illustrators, designers, painters, DIY enthusiasts… all united on one inclusive platform that’s brought unique pieces to more than 75 million homes worldwide.



Back in 2018, Minted was on the hunt for a long-term engineering and design partner that could be trusted to be available at any scale within a moment’s notice. As a team driven by creative expression and transparency, they were also adamant about choosing a partner committed to the same values. 

STRV became that partner during a period of accelerated growth and booming ideas. Our team quickly blended in with Minted’s own; starting strong, we built a brand-new Minted website in under a month, solidifying STRV’s ability to act fast with nearly zero lead time. 



STRV has become an integral part of Minted’s story. Our shared principles and passion for elegant design, as well as our engineers’ ecommerce experience, have allowed us to support Minted on a multitude of projects — helping the team reach many business-critical goals.

Our flexibility has been key throughout our partnership. One project moved ahead so quickly that an STRV engineer hopped on a plane to Minted’s HQ within days of learning that they needed a swift helping hand. On another project, our machine learning engineer joined the team ad hoc after pinpointing an ML solution that could immensely benefit the tasks at hand. 

When we were called to create a new mobile flow for cards in time for the holidays, our team knew a Progressive Web App (PWA) designed for all mobile and tablet devices was the way to go and delivered a beautiful app in under two months. Later on, we were undeterred by the scope of features when asked to implement Minted’s card customization platform-wide, and were more than ready to take on the iOS app with yet another holiday deadline in 2020. 

Overall, what we appreciate most is that every time Minted turns to us, both teams prioritize open communication — just as Minted does for its own community, and as we do for ours.