Creating Custom Videos
Using a Single Mobile App

OPKIX cameras give users the freedom to both live in the moment and capture it, thanks to a compact, thoughtfully designed hardware solution. To complete the package, it needed an app that would enable seamless video transfer, editing and sharing.

The Need

Less a new gadget, more of a movement, OPKIX hopes to turn as many faces from the screen to the memories being created before their eyes. With a tiny hands-free camera that holds steadily in place on convenient mounts like sunglasses, collecting footage is a breeze. The main setbacks were a lack of connectivity and ongoing issues with app development, including video editing tools and the UI. All of which needed to be repaired at lightning speed.

Opkix by the Numbers

  • $12MRaised in Funding
  • $200MValuation

The Challenge

Initially working with multiple partners, OPKIX had its management, design and development needs split up across numerous teams. But with its product swiftly gaining traction thanks to its sleek design and easy-to-use features, the company needed their iOS and Android apps to impress with comparable quality—and fast.

Tracking past errors and mapping out the next steps required meticulous product management, highly specific know-how and attention to even the slightest details. STRV stepped in to collaborate with the other teams, but ultimately took over full responsibility for app development while working on improving fundamental design flaws.

The STRV Solution

After fulfilling our initial assignment of building middleware that connected the OPKIX device to the iOS and Android apps, our team was able to pinpoint ongoing issues which hadn’t fallen under our scope of influence, but which we believed we could fix. As soon as OPKIX gave us the go-ahead, our designers got to work on revamping the design, while our developers revised two years of sporadically defective code and at times built from scratch.

In just a few months, our team delivered the results OPKIX’s previous partners had tried to achieve for two years. This rewarding collaboration has led to many future goals that we aim to reach together, wasting zero time. As part of STRV’s longterm partnership with OPKIX, we plan to continue ensuring smooth connectivity and expanding the offering of editing tools—getting the OPKIX Studio App to its full potential.

“STRV embodies the concept of a trusted partner. They're not only executing the plan, but they're also helping us navigate through the challenges. I've worked with a lot of vendors, but I've never seen this level of execution.”

Edward Nelson,
Director of Product Testing, OPKIX

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