Composing a Platform
For Songclip

A Byte-Sized Musical Addition to Modern Communication

As the world’s only patented messaging API platform, Songclip now offers a vast database of fully-licensed music clips. But it all started with one app.

The Need

Songclip had the idea of building an extensive library of music clips, and allowing social and digital companies to offer this new form of expression as a feature. First, however, they wanted to create a one-of-a-kind messaging platform that would put the clips to use. This required an app that could generate thousands of clips automatically, with minimal user input and across multiple platforms.

Songclip by the Numbers

  • $11.9MRaised in Funding
  • 17.7KReviews
  • 4.8Rating on Apple App Store
  • 8SECAverage Songclip Length
    (& Human Attention Span)

The Challenge

Bringing the Songclip concept to fruition meant expertly outlining short, mid- and long-term requirements, bearing in mind that they were all susceptible to change. This sort of flexibility would allow for last-minute changes to the app’s tech specs, design or both.

To deliver the desired outcome, the project required a tech stack that could take a full-length song, cut it into small pieces and assign an image, a sound or even a video to it. This newly-created content would then be immediately available in the mobile app. Additionally, Songclip’s agreement with Sony meant that they needed to download all songs available and closely track usage, which required implementing a tool for data ingestion and reporting.

The STRV Solution

Having previously worked with the Songclip team, STRV was able to begin designing and developing the app after just a few meetings. Once we understood the potential user base and what business purpose it would serve, we set up the tech stack. This involved the development of production-ready backend APIs that covered the consumer app (iOS) and the admin interface, where Songclip’s content team could manage the songs, videos and lyrics presented to the user. And to deal with the Sony agreement, we implemented a DDEX standard.

Since we were leveraging the agile software development methodology, we had daily five-minute standups, weekly calls and in-person meetings with the Songclip team—all of which helped us to remain in sync every step of the way. Despite new requirements popping up constantly, it usually only took us one or two days to research and experiment before coming up with a solution, and we were able to deliver a new build of the app on a weekly basis.

“Songclip and STRV have been working together hand-in-hand for about 2.5 years, and we really do consider them a part of the team. They’re part of our regular, day to day work.”

John Vansuchtelen,
Co-founder & CPO, Songclip

The Results

  • 327+Daily Standups
  • 71+Weekly Calls
  • 64Application Builds
  • 7Engineers and Designers
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