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Expanding Our Tech Stack With .NET Core

EngineeringAug 10, 2020



Aug 10, 2020

Michal KlackoBackend Engineering Director

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Read our article about STRV’s Backend tech stack? If so, you’re going to want to read this one. We’ve got a major update.

Node.js has long been our primary tech stack, while other languages (C#, Python, Golang) were considered secondary. But that’s about to change. C# just got a promotion!

What exactly does this mean? Well, C#—specifically .NET Core—will now have equal weight at STRV as Node.js. Meaning that we’re adding both .NET and .NET Core to our primary tech stack.

We’re already developing some .NET projects and this will no doubt continue. Demand for the technology continues to increase, either via direct client requests or based on the nature of projects coming our way. And because we’ve had nothing but positive experience with .NET, we’ve decided to dive into it 100%. All this to say—we’re hiring. :)


Taking this direction feels very natural to us, from both a business and a technical perspective. Here’s a quick explanation as to why.


It’s not just about C# .NET on its own. It’s also about how it pairs with our Node.js skills, and how this combination allows us to grow.

Using C# .NET allows us to deliver more robust, bigger backend solutions for our mature, big-league clients. At the same time, our deep-rooted Node.js knowledge continues to be the best tool for our startup (or startup-like) clients. Having these two languages as our primary tech stack means we’re able to cover a much wider portfolio of projects. Which is exactly what we look to do.


C# .NET Core is just a few steps away from Typescript. Sure, they’re two completely different ecosystems. But when you look at the code itself, the similarities are clear—which isn’t surprising, considering that both were created by Microsoft. We believe that Microsoft made a great decision in terms of .NET becoming open-sourced and more detached from the Microsoft ecosystem, as this gives the technology room to evolve.

Due to the significant advantages of both Typescript and .NET, we’re confident that expanding our tech stack will result in a strong team ready to take on any challenge.


Our team is excited about this change for the above-mentioned reasons, but also because we’ll get to expand our team. So, if you’re an experienced C# (.NET or .NET Core) developer, we want to meet you.

Seamlessly and skillfully integrating new technology into our ecosystem is a job for someone who knows what they’re doing. If exciting beginnings sound like your kind of thing, check out the job description below and reach out!


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