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Highlights From AWS Community Day DACH 2023

Inside STRVEngineeringOct 10, 2023

Inside STRVEngineering


Oct 10, 2023

Marek CermakGo Platform Engineering Manager

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Often referred to as the European re:Invent, this conference brings together AWS enthusiasts, visionaries and industry leaders to explore the latest trends and advancements in the AWS ecosystem, as well as to share their tips and best practices.

As STRV navigates this dynamic landscape, we're excited to share our recent milestone: becoming an AWS partner. This signifies our commitment to excellence and our endeavor to contribute and engage with the thriving AWS community more proactively.

Now back to the event. What caught our attention, what do you need to know and what were some surprises? 

AWS Community Day in a Nutshell

Some facts about the event to begin with. It’s not your typical conference; instead, it’s a community-driven gathering. More of a meetup, but a BIG one — about 600 attendees and 28 speakers, among them Gregor Hohpe, Farrah Campbell and Waldemar Hummer.

If you’ve always wanted to meet a hero but never got the chance, this conference would’ve solved that. There were not one, not two but over 20 AWS heroes present among both the attendees and the audience. If you’re not familiar: AWS heroes are the most engaged, influential developers with a significant impact within the community. And there’s only a handful of them — roughly 230 in the whole world!

Some Parts Worth Checking Out

The title of this article mentions “highlights.” You might call that clickbait, and it kind of is — because I’d actually encourage you to check the videos for yourself and look for what you view as highlights. The talks will certainly be published on YouTube, so keep an eye out. Still, I’ll give you a quick list of several “can’t miss” parts we strongly recommend.

The Tao of Event-Driven Architectures 

Ever wondered how your national post delivers tons of packages? While my feeling is that the Czech Post has barely learned how to use the internet, apparently, the Netherlands Post is a different beast. My TOP pick is a talk from the Lead Engineer at PostNL, Luc van Donkersgoed — who explains the tao of event-driven architecture and helps you find a tranquil state of mind while designing such architecture.

Serverless Data Streaming with Amazon Kinesis & AWS Lambda 

My second pick goes to Anahit Pogosova for her deep dive into serverless data streaming with Amazon Kinesis. Anita is a Lead Cloud Software Engineer at Solita, an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner and one of Finland’s biggest digital transformation companies. Any data engineer will appreciate the talk!

Do Modern Cloud Apps Lock You In?

And the third, by no means less impressive recommendation is the Keynote — given by Gregor Hohpe, the author of many books, such as “Cloud Strategy” or “Enterprise Integration Patterns.” Gregor really kicked off the event in style. Don’t miss this one, either!

STRV: A Proud Contributor

AWS Community Days DACH not only served as a platform for exploring the latest in cloud computing but also marked a significant point in STRV’s journey as an AWS partner. As we reflect on the event, we're not just witnesses to innovation; we're contributors. We like to put our money where our mouth is, and this helps us make that happen.  

Our partnership with AWS symbolizes our dedication to staying at the forefront of technology. Looking forward to actively participating in and giving back to the vibrant AWS community; the journey has just begun, and we're excited for the collaborative ventures that lie ahead.

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