Introducing — our new Open Source library hub

Over the years, our team has built up quite an impressive volume of open source libraries based around technologies we love as well as new and emerging trends we think are worth keeping an eye on.

In an effort to share our know-how, swap ideas, and facilitate constructive dialogue with other mobile and web enthusiasts, we have launched a website where you can find all our developers’ libraries in one tidy spot. banner

Think of it as a gigantic tech playground. Poke around. Learn something new. Have fun. Contribute to our open source projects.

Our Open Source Libraries’ page can be your safe space. No marketing or hiring gimmicks. Just developers sharing with other developers. Simple as that.

We are long-time advocates of the open source community and believe that sharing knowledge fuels the rapid development of new technologies.

Our developers are passionate about software and created these libraries during their down time. Some created a library to fix a problem, while others were just fooling around with something new and ended up making exciting discoveries.

You’ll find about 30 libraries culled from different fields, including backend, iOS, Android and IoT.

For Android enthusiasts, we have a couple of useful libraries we’ve developed and use in our projects. We also developed Line Counter — a plugin for Android Studio and Dundee, a showcase app — using the newest technologies on the market.

And our IoT hardware libraries are not to be missed! IoT geeks will totally geek out on them. Promise!

On backend, we have a new library to help build a project quickly out of small, reusable components called Atlas.js. Our engineers got tired of having to write the same “setup” code every time a new project starts, so they wrote a library to help reduce that code to near-zero. If you are tired of setting up your database and http adapters, give Atlas.js a spin! We developed something similar for Android as well. The library is called Alfonz, and it helps engineers make the development process easier and avoid boilerplate code.

We’ll be adding to this page regularly, so make sure to bookmark it! You can look forward to videos, coding guidelines, cheat sheets and much, much more. Stay tuned!

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