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A Photo Series Inside STRV's Prague Office

Inside STRVNov 30, 2018

Inside STRV


Nov 30, 2018

Alysa YamadaCopywriter

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In May 2016, we gutted and uprooted our former code & design cave, packed our gadgets and started a new chapter – in a much bigger space.

And so we moved in. Smack dab in the coffee-addict-code-punching-some-call-it-hipster region of Prague.

Fast forward two and a half years, and we've turned this place into more than just our office for serious mouse-clicking happenings. It's also a place for feasting, training, networking, celebrating, and playing.

We made it our home.

Now we've got 160 family members with 19 different nationalities under and on this Prague rooftop.

How about we take a look inside?

The first stop. Most likely where your first steps will be if you visit us.

While constantly working with modern technologies, why not make it work for us too? Throughout the office, we've set up an entire network of internal communication channels to keep communication smart, alive, open, simple and easy – as it should be.

To make things official, our office ended up winning Smart Office of the Year in 2017.

And just a week later, we found out we had won Best Office of the Year in the IT and tech category for the Prochazka and Partners’ Office of the Year (Kancelare roku) competition.

We felt pretty good about things. Until we learned what it felt like to be ecstatic. We found out we've became one of Europe's Fastest Growing Companies in 2018, while also ranking as Top 15 web and mobile app development agencies in LA.

LA? Yep, we've got offices up and running in LA, SF, NY, Brno and of course our favorite and main focus for this article – Prague.

So things have been picking up and running pretty quickly.

But we don't plan on slowing down.

Even when getting from one end to the other, we like it fast (aka efficient), and well, fun. We tend to get creative while we're at it with scooters, longboards, hoverboards, our own feet, and our devs' most recent favorite – Boosted Boards, an electric skateboard that we've programmed for Android from scratch while updating the iOS and UX features.

We've hosted 61 events in our office in 2018.

When it comes to learning, exchanging the latest tech know-how, and having a good time, we open up our space and make it happen. Most of our events are technology-based with our devs presenting specific topics on code, hacks and insights. We also host a bunch of of in-house trainings and workshops to improve our devs' speaking skills and presentations.

Our 5 most popular events of this year:

–Frontend  Meetup Prague  - 110 attendees
–Silicon Valley Insights w/ Chris Ciabarra - 201 attendees
–Dev Beers Prague - 96 attendees
–Silicon Valley Insights w/ Peter Csiba - 120 attendees
–Project Management Meetup - 115 attendees

We're hiring

A few times a year, we also share the stage and have a fireside chat with guys and gals straight from Silicon Valley. So far, We've had folks from Facebook, Amazon, Uber, Unity, Slack and Google.

Our last Silicon Valley Insights event was in November with Peter Csiba (former programmer from Google) and our CEO Lubo Smid who both chatted it up right here in our living room.

If you've ever been to one of our events or meetups, you know that it doesn't end when the speaker gets off that stage. We take things upstairs – scrolling all the way up to our 7th floor terrace, or as we call it, "Scrollbar."

Networking just isn't the same without lots of food and beer on tap. We get it. And we try not to take it lightly, especially being in the Czech Republic and all.


Our devs take foosball pretty seriously too.

And billiards.

So that's your little peek at what goes on inside our two and a half year-old home here in Prague.

When will you be stepping in so we can share it with you too?

Keep an eye out for one of our next events!

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