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A look inside STRV’s Silicon Valley Exchange program

CommunityInside STRVApr 29, 2016

CommunityInside STRV


Apr 29, 2016


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At STRV, the bridge between the Czech Republic and Silicon Valley is not very long. In fact, the two locations are practically one and the same. Sure, there is an ocean in-between, but the Atlantic’s no match for us!

So grab your passports, and let us give you a peek inside life at STRV …

Props to our Chief Creative Officer Pavel Zeifart for this eye-opening footage

Each month we send at least four engineers and designers to California, where we have offices in San Francisco and Los Angeles, to work alongside our clients for a month or even more. STRV’s Silicon Valley Exchange program is a key component of our successful strategy, which has helped transform us into one of the leading app and web development companies on the US tech market.

But the exchange program is not all work and no play. In addition to collaborating directly with clients on their home turf, our engineers and designers also get to play tourist, from the Golden Gate Bridge to some of the hottest spots on any techie’s pilgrimage list: Steve Jobs’ house (duh) as well as the headquarters of Google, Apple, Facebook and more. There are weekend trips to Yosemite, Las Vegas, the Grand Canyon and Hollywood, to name a few. And if time allows, a marathon or two.

“We definitely pack a lot into our exchange program. This is not only a fabulous benefit for our clients, who get the advantage of having direct, in-person contact with the engineers and designers working on their projects for an entire month but is also a great perk for our extremely talented team,” says STRV COO Lubo Smid. “They deserve an opportunity to experience living and working in the mecca of IT innovation.”

In other news...

The winners of our Silicon Valley Contest — Alex Studnicka and Jan Folwarczny — ​arrived at​ our “coding villa” in downtown San Francisco yesterday for an exclusive four-day trip to California. As part of their award package, Alex and Jan have already toured the headquarters of Twitter and Dropbox and Apple, Facebook and Adobe headquarters will follow. They will also get a chance to wine and dine with our San Francisco STRV team, including CEO David Semerad.

If you didn’t get a chance to participate in the contest last fall, don’t worry, you will have other chances to win a trip to Silicon Valley in one of our future giveaways. Promise. If you can’t wait until then, then check out our job openings!

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