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STRV at Tech Roundtable Discussion With the U.S. Secretary of State

Inside STRVSep 8, 2020

Inside STRV


Sep 8, 2020

Inside STRV


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On August 12th, STRV CEO Lubo Smid attended the Technology Roundtable Discussion at the Czech Republic’s U.S. Embassy. The event was organized because the U.S. Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, was visiting Prague in an effort to strengthen the relationship between the Czech Republic and the United States of America.

Apart from Mr. Pompeo himself, the discussion included the leaders of Cisco, IBM, Y Soft and Avast. Lubo Smid’s presence was requested by U.S. ambassador Stephen B. King, as STRV is a strong example of a Czech company that made its mark on the U.S. market.

Sharing STRV’s take on the state of technology in such esteemed company is a great honor. It is an opportunity we do not take for granted. Mr. King has included us in a number of past events, and we recognize that we are not only representing ourselves but also the many Czech companies and engineers that make our country a tech haven.

STRV began as four young tech enthusiasts, and we all carry that bright-eyed passion with us to this day—whether it’s in an embassy or in a cafe around the corner.

Personal note from U.S. ambassador Stephen B. King to STRV CEO Lubo Smid.

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