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STRV in Top 1% of Global B2B Companies 2021

DesignEngineeringDec 9, 2021



Dec 9, 2021


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We are honored to end the year with an incredible announcement. STRV has secured the 9th spot on Clutch 1000, the firm’s most coveted award that represents only the top 1% of all companies on the site. The list acts as an exclusive club for B2B leading companies with a proven ability to deliver quality work to their clients, and it includes businesses from around the world.

“After an unpredictable year during an unprecedented time, our company is proud to highlight the top industry leaders in the global B2B market. With an impressive background of services, skillsets, and more, these companies have consistently proven their commitment to customers while remaining the top service providers in their fields." — Clutch Founder Mike Beares

Last year, STRV held the 14th position. We absolutely have plans to continue moving up the ladder by listening to our clients, as we’ve always done and will continue to do.

STRV also finished strong amongst this year’s Official Leaders in the Development and IT Services, coming in at #1 in Android App Development, #2 in Web Development and #3 in both Mobile and iPhone App Development.

To determine which companies are included in Clutch 1000, Clutch analyzes each company across four strict, highly specific criteria:

  • Recency, number and quality of Clutch-verified reviews published to the company’s profile.
  • Types of clients with which the company works.
  • Services offered and experiences with providing those services.
  • Brand reputation and visibility in the company’s target market.

Clutch’s position as one of the most distinguished verified B2B market research firms stands on its unique ratings methodology, which compares and contrasts leaders across a number of service sectors.

STRV’s presence on this platform gives us the unique opportunity to gather impartial, honest and detailed feedback from our clients, enabling our team to evolve in a way that best suits our partners.

Thank you to our clients, who took the time to share their experiences; we guarantee that all feedback is dissected and taken as a lesson. Thank you to Clutch for recognizing us as deserving of our reputation. And above all, a shoutout to our team for every single line of impeccable code, every captivating wireframe, every sneaky bug caught and every project escalation handled. Thank you.

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