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STRV now offers experienced QA team to help release apps with confidence

ProductEngineeringQASep 14, 2016

We have spent the last couple of months beefing up our quality assurance department, in an effort to give each STRV client the best chance of success on today’s fiercely competitive startup market. Not only is testing an essential part of software development, but having a dedicated tester as part of the process can help retain satisfied users in the crucial first year of a product launch.

It’s important that testers know the ins and outs of your product from the get-go, which is why STRV is now offering our clients the chance to hire one of our dedicated testers who will be attached to a project from its drawing-board beginnings to the MVP and beyond.

Now, we know what you startups are thinking: that all sounds dandy … but expensive. Not at STRV. We hire our testing team out on an hourly basis, so they only work if there is work to be done on a specific project.

There are a lot of benefits to hiring our testers, and because it’s not always fun to sift through a White Paper on the ifs ands and buts of the QA process, we’ve created the Top Five Reasons Why STRV Testers Are The Way To Go:

Risk-free builds.

The gap between the first MVP release and the time a lot of companies new to the startup scene would financially be able to hire their first in-house tester can stretch to a year or two. This is a critical time period where you should be focused on growing an active user base. You can’t afford to skimp on QA. A quality, bug-free product is what will help you to retain users.


Our team is very flexible and can adjust to the needs of early-stage startups as well as more established companies. The benefit of having a dedicated tester on a project from the beginning is that this tester can bring more and more value to the overall development process -- they will know your product backwards and forwards and inside out. They will be able to pinpoint the trouble spots immediately, which in the long-run will save you time and money.

Direct communication.

Clients will have direct contact with their testers at every step of the development process to maintain smooth and efficient cooperation. At STRV, we think that one-on-one contact between our clients and team is paramount to the success of your product. We think go-betweens are a big waste of time and money, which is why our testers so hands on and available to meet your needs or answer your questions at a moment’s notice.

Vast experience.

Our testers are not crowdsourced. They are hired in-house as full-time employees who are experts in their field. STRV testers are product-focused and can help assure that the expected design, UX and functionality of your product will be consistent throughout development.

Effective budget.

We can test your app on demand, and you save money when there is noting to test.
We have a lot experience working with startups, and we understand that product budget limitations can affect quality. We know that in the early stages of product testing a client’s needs can greatly fluctuate, which is why we provide testing services at an hourly rate. QA doesn’t have to break the bank.

To find out more about what STRV’s QA department has to offer visit Or email us at

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