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Swiftly Highlights: Faster Xcode Builds & Vision Pro Labs Inside

EngineeringSep 6, 2023



Sep 6, 2023

Lukas SmetanaiOS Engineer

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Welcome to the August edition of Swiftly Highlights! In this month's quick recap, we're all about making life easier for developers like you. 

Just kick back, relax and get ready for some tips that'll simplify your work like never before.

Xcode Tips

Starting with debugging. The new Xcode Debug Console allows you to better navigate debug logs and increase productivity while debugging. You can control which metadata will be shown, and you can use advanced filters to display only the logs you’re interested in. Explore all debugging options Xcode 15 is offering.

Do you easily get distracted from your task when building an Xcode project? Slow builds often distract us as they enable us to focus on distractions like social media and endless Slack conversations. The solution to this problem for you might be the build performance analysis. Read about how WeTransfer’s developers made incremental builds 4x faster using several optimization methods. 

With all the free time you now have because of faster builds, you might want to get ahead and start preparing your Xcode project for the Swift 6 release. Even though there is no specific date, we know it's coming and you don't have to wait to get your hands dirty on expected changes. Learn how to prepare your Xcode project for the future. 

Other Fancy Tips & Tricks

You can also prepare for the future by visiting one of Apple's Vision Pro labs to try the new awaited headset yourself. Or you can just read the futuristic and, in general, very positive feedback from inside the Vision Pro labs.

Implementing and testing push notifications on iOS might not be the smoothest developer experience especially if you're doing it for the first time. Check out the iOS app setup for remote push notifications guide to make your developer life easier. 

If your app's target is the latest iOS 17, Apple has introduced a very helpful set of modifiers for ScrollView. For example scrollTargetBehavior, which allows you to easily build a carousel view and more.

Last but not least, you can read about URL's absoluteString versus path, so you avoid any confusion associated with using the Foundation's URL, particularly in differentiating between web URLs and file URLs.

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