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Swiftly Highlights: iOS 16 & the Apple Development World

EngineeringNov 7, 2022



Nov 7, 2022

IFang LeeiOS Engineer

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Have you downloaded iOS 16 for your iPhone and tried the new Lock Screen customization, updated Notifications, Clean Energy Charging, Passkeys and other fantastic features?

Let's tackle the latest, most influential news and details of iOS 16 and the Apple development world!

iOS 16

Is SwiftUI ready for production? This has been a topic of discussion since its first release in 2019. If you're struggling to answer that question, you can look at Apple's use of Swift and SwiftUI in iOS 16. Alexandre Colucci analyzes built-in apps in iOS 16 and shows some statistics on programming languages used to develop these apps, the percentage of apps using SwiftUI versus UIKit, etc. Unsurprisingly, some new iOS 16 features have been developed using SwiftUI, like Live Activities and the Swift Charts framework. Although only four apps use the SwiftUI-based app lifecycle, Swift and SwiftUI adoption continues to climb exponentially.

Bruno Rocha shares his thoughts on SwiftUI vs. UIKit after crafting the production app BurnoutBuddy, which is written 100% with SwiftUI. As we all know, there are tons of advantages of SwitUI; if you're new to it, you can check the recap in our previous SwiftUI article. Bruno concludes that it's effortless to build UIs with SwiftUI but extremely hard to create any piece of actual business logic you wouldn't see in simple Hello World tutorials. He suggests considering how simple or complex the UI and business logic are to decide on either UIKit, SwitfUI or a mix of both.  

A compatible layout that adapts UI that dynamically responds to external and internal changes is one of the most important things to consider when building apps to make them look great on every device. Before SwiftUI 4, we had to rely on the if statement when switching between different layouts. For instance, we needed to toggle between HStack and VStack to switch between vertical and horizontal layouts. In iOS 16, SwiftUI introduces AnyLayout and Layout Protocol to make composing more complex layouts easier and faster. Check out the tutorial for creating more delightful and engaging UIs.

Apple Development World

Engineers commonly describe that getting submission approvals from the Apple Review process is nightmarish — but from the user perspective, it feels safer to use apps that follow App Store Review Guidelines that better protect customers and support new features in the latest OS releases. App Store Review Guideline updates are now available. Check it out to go through the review process as smoothly as possible.

Apple debuted the first round of Ask Apple on October 17–21. It's a new, ongoing series of interactive Q&As and one-on-one 25-minute Office Hours. Engineers have a chance to connect directly with Apple experts regarding any topics for free. Stay tuned for the next round!

What's more, Apple Entrepreneur Camp applications are now open. The camp aims to connect engineers with founders and other engineers and supports underrepresented entrepreneurs of all backgrounds in technology to create the next generation of leading-edge apps and form a global network. Attendees will have mentoring and guidance from Apple engineers while interacting with guest leaders. Apply now!

Thanks for reading. Hope you enjoy this article and see you next month!

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