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Swiftly Highlights: Navigating the Pre-WWDC Buzz & Emerging Trends

EngineeringJun 5, 2023



Jun 5, 2023

Tomas CejkaiOS Engineering Director

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As WWDC approaches, we're gearing up to explore the latest developments in the world of Swift. Join us as we delve into fundamental concepts, advanced techniques and the exciting possibilities that Swift offers for iOS app development.

Tips & Tricks for Exploring a New Codebase

Navigating a new codebase can often be a daunting task, particularly when joining a new company or frequently switching projects within an agency. The complexity and unique structure of each codebase, coupled with the pressure to quickly understand and contribute, often presents a significant challenge. 

Moreover, the intricacies of different coding styles, architectural decisions and idiosyncratic solutions can be bewildering — especially without sufficient documentation or knowledge transfer. Thank you goes out to Donny Wals for shedding light on this topic and effectively demystifying it.

Navigation in the App With Modern Patterns

In recent years, coordinators have emerged as the go-to navigation pattern in UIKit-based applications utilizing the MVVM architecture. However, with the advent of SwiftUI came the challenge of integrating coordinators into this new framework. 

Fortunately, the subsequent introduction of the navigation stack in SwiftUI now offers robust options for creating navigation exclusively within the SwiftUI domain. Yet, for those intrigued by the concept of coordinators in SwiftUI, you can explore an insightful pathway to navigate stacks that mirror the coordinator-like style.

To fully grasp coordinators, it's beneficial to have a comprehensive understanding of general navigation patterns. Luckily, this piece serves as an excellent supplement, filling a gap in Apple's Human Interface Guidelines and providing a detailed overview of these crucial patterns.

Navigation With Parallax Header Effect  

An app's design would arguably be incomplete without the stunning effect of parallax headers. This intricate UI task, particularly in SwiftUI and with limited experience in GeometryProxy, often presents numerous challenges that require substantial time to address. However, there’s an excellent guide that makes the seemingly mind-boggling task an achievable feat.

Navigating Concurrently With Cctors

The advent of Swift concurrency has significantly hyped up the path to parallel programming, offering an improvement over traditional methods. However, threading isn't always as straightforward as using a dispatch queue. If you're looking to understand how to update the UI using a global actor, this enlightening blog post is an invaluable resource waiting to be explored.

Navigation to Get Featured on the App Store

Once your app is functioning optimally, boasts impressive UI effects and possesses a solid navigation system, the next critical step is expanding your user base. One effective strategy to achieve this is to be featured on the App Store. This will allow potential users to discover your app while browsing through one of Apple's carefully curated lists, giving your app the visibility it needs to grow.

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