Wrap-up: Frontend Meetup with static typing and flow

Our Frontend team ushered in the warm weather with a spring-y set of Dev Meetups that took a deeper look at the benefits of static typing as well as the importance of mastering flow.

frontend meetup STRV 2018

Speaking of flow, Lu Roman took us back to the basics in his cheekily titled talk “Flow: 101: Master the Flow You Must.”

“When developing web apps, we usually have lots of stuff in our head, so even the most experienced developer will make mistakes from time to time with simple stuff like typos, passing wrong data to some function or not passing enough props to a component,” Lu explained.

“This is where a tool like flow comes into play, giving us quick feedback about type-related issues that we might have in our code while we are still working with it on our editor,” he added. “Ultimately that extra little effort we put into adding types turns into a lot of time saved and more robust apps that can handle refactoring and improvements in a safer way.”

frontend meetup STRV 2018

Martin Petyrek continued with a live-coding demonstration on static typing. It was, in a word, riveting.

“I showed how, with very little effort, you can get a lot of benefits almost for free,” Martin said. “And then I went a little deeper and explained how we can incorporate flow into more complicated use cases and how to preserve the nice properties of type inference.”

Both Lu and Martin were impressed with the caliber of the audience, noting that they asked a lot of really relevant questions and even crack a few — jokes.

“Apparently dolphins are popular these days,” Lu noted, cryptically. Oh, Lu, tell us more! Guess we’ll have to watch the recordings.

frontend meetup STRV 2018

Check out the full presentation below:

Lu Roman — Flow: 101: Master the Flow You Must

We took a ton of pictures! Make sure to tag yourself in the gallery from Brno here and from Prague here.

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