STRV Helps Boosted Scale Electric Skateboard Empire

Over the last six years, Boosted has morphed from a scrappy Silicon Valley startup to one of the leading electric skateboard retailers on the global market — with a huge assist from STRV’s dedicated engineering team.


When Boosted approached us, the company already had a solid following as well as a growing portfolio of motorized boards. Its product was fast, sleek and wildly popular, but Boosted wanted to step up its game. Which is where STRV comes in.

The company was looking to give its army of loyal riders, who average more than 1,500 miles per year on their boards, a more integrated experience.

Boosted had not yet tapped into the Android market, and asked STRV to develop an app for that platform from the ground up, leveraging the same Bluetooth LE technology that was running on its existing iOS app.

“As IoT is experiencing a huge boom these days, working on Boosted is a great opportunity to learn a lot in that field. The fact that we basically had free hands from the very beginning allowed us to use the very latest technologies and to really experiment with the newest features of the Android OS,” says Vaclav Tarantik, one of the project’s lead Android developers.

“We've been using Kotlin for the whole project which is trending these days, but not many projects use it in production,” Vaclav adds. “Boosted, however, has been very flexible, and we have even been able to influence some features that are being developed for the board itself, which is really awesome.”

STRV’s iOS and design teams, meanwhile, were also onboarded to create a whole new UI for the company’s iOS app. For the last several months, we have been overseeing continuous development of both platforms.

“By bringing STRV in as a long-term tech partner, the Boosted team can now focus all their energy into growing their kick-ass product line and leave the hard parts of mobile development to us,” says Evan Sendra, STRV’s project manager. “Boosted’s been an awesome company for us to partner with, because we ride the boards around the office all the time and get a real feel for what the UX will be like before shipping any new features.”

Since last summer, we’ve released a number of features to help users sync up with their boards, including the ability to update to the latest software, monitor battery level, mode and ride settings and share mileage stats with other users. Ride tracking was introduced earlier this year, allowing users to record their journey, speed and time.

“There is a big opportunity to bring a lot of new features to the users. We have a ton of ideas that will keep us busy for the next year,” says Jakub Vodak, who is leading the project’s iOS development. “Boosted has given us a lot of freedom in regards to development, which is what makes working with them great. We are all on the same page.”


A graduate of Y Combinator, Boosted scaled from two countries to 34 in 2017 alone and shows no signs of slowing down. The Boosted Mini, with a top speed of 20 mph, was rolled out this spring to much fanfare. Collectively, Boosted riders have logged more than 10 million miles — and counting — from the US to Europe, Australia and New Zealand.

We look forward to seeing what Boosted unveils next. The company always has wild feature ideas, and STRV will be there to make sure there are no bumps in the road.

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