Rapid.io Brings Its Hackathon Winners To Prague!

STRV organized a hackathon at the end of July to coincide with the official launch of our new cloud-hosting platform, Rapid.io, which allows software engineers to build real-time user interfaces for chat and messaging, live dashboards, online games, IoT and collaborative apps and geolocation.

More than 100 engineers from the San Francisco Bay Area participated in the hackathon, which produced a number of really cool user cases developed with Rapid.io. But in the end, it was Arlen Pan, Gavin Li, and Leo Wong’s real-time music collaboration app for composers and DJs that blew the competition away.

The trio won a trip to Prague for their upstanding effort and will be landing in the Golden City next month, where they will have a chance to visit STRV’s development headquarters as well as enjoy some of the liquid sunshine (Czech for “beer”) with the Rapid.io team. We will, of course, be posting a ton of pictures of the trip on our Facebook page, so stay tuned!

Arlen, Gavin and Leo weren’t the only ones who wowed our jury, which included Rapid co-founder and CEO Martin Stava and co-founder and head of growth David Drobik. They were joined by STRV CEO David Semerad, Jan Spidlen, an engineer at Airbnb, and Matt Greenleaf, co-founder at Flux News

Second place went to Peter Ma, Ethan Fan and Shinae Hong who created a real-time city air pollution monitor. Each member of the team was awarded an Amazon Echo Dot, one of the most sophisticated real-time IoT devices currently on the market.

We couldn’t be more thrilled with how well Rapid did on its first official public outing. All our platform experts flew in from Prague to act as mentors during the 24-hour hackathon and were totally floored by the quality of innovation that was on display by this group of young professionals.

Missed out? Don’t worry. This wasn’t our last Bay Area Hackathon. Our team is already plotting the next one, so keep checking our social media pages for more info. In the meantime, browse our gallery from Rapid.io Hackathon 2017 and relive the magic.

Find out more at Rapid.io or check out this demo video:

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