Craft a Compelling Story for Candidates

Everyone loves a hella good story. Start turning some heads and get people talking about your company to attract interested candidates. But here’s the thing – there are three types of stories that your company needs to set straight and have ready to fire at all times when talking to candidates: a business, tech, and culture story.

“Talented people are looking for technical challenges, and you need to be able to explain them to candidates. They are not looking for something easy. High performers like to be challenged.”

— Shivani Sharma, Slack


What’s the backstory? Is your company screaming UNIQUE or BORING? Is it financially secure? How badly are you disrupting the market? Do you have a daring vision?

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What’s your tech? Can you offer tech challenges to techy candidates? Do you have unique tools, equipment, procedures or systems? How about some interesting upcoming projects?


What’s the atmosphere like at your company? What types of personalities are most valued? What makes your employees stay? Read more about this topic in our “Evaluate Culture Fit” article.

To be honest, a good story must be sexy and email is a turn-off. How are you showing off your company and stealing people’s attention? Whenever we reach out to candidates, we try to keep the text short and drop our presentation link to give them a feel of what we’re all about.

Need help? Have you tried Google Slides? And how about shortening and personalizing your URLs by using like this: Trust us, it’s worth it.

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Matej Matolin

Matej Matolin

Head of HR @ STRV

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