STRV opens new Brno base in Vlnena Office Park

Our Brno team is growing! We moved into a bigger space at the city’s sprawling, newly opened Vlnena Office Park. We hosted an office-warming party last week, where we welcomed members of the local tech community to celebrate with us.


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Located close to the main railway station in the city center, the new space is a mini replica of our Prague office. We made sure to install a gaming room equipped with a foosball table and an Xbox. A wall pays homage to all of Brno’s colloquial slang. We also have a small bar area, nicknamed Spacebar, which was inspired by our Prague office’s infamous Scrollbar.

Drop by anytime for a tour or just to say “hi.” Let’s grab a coffee (or beer) in our Spacebar or fool around on the Xbox.


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Michal Krajsa

Michal Krajsa

Marketing Manager at STRV

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