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Swiftly Highlights: Chat GPT, WWDC23 & Useful Tools

EngineeringMay 5, 2023



May 5, 2023

Matheo Fiebiger AgudeloSenior iOS Engineer

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Welcome to Swiftly Highlights, your monthly dose of all things iOS development! Bringing you the latest news, updates and insights every developer needs while enjoying a cup of coffee. Sit back and enjoy this month's news and updates.

Let's start with WWDC23. Mark your calendars — June 5–9 — for an exhilarating week of technology and community. Be among the first to learn the latest about Apple platforms, technologies and tools. You’ll also have the opportunity to engage with Apple experts and other developers, all online and at no cost.

Have you updated Xcode to 14.3? It includes Swift 5.8 and SDKs for iOS 16.4, iPadOS 16.4, tvOS 16.4, watchOS 9.4 and macOS Ventura 13.3. Check the release notes; it’s always important to know your daily driver.

Soon it will be easier than ever for your customers to resolve payment issues so they can stay subscribed to your content, services and premium features. Starting this summer, if an auto-renewable subscription doesn’t renew due to a billing issue, a system-provided sheet will appear in your app with a prompt that lets customers update their payment method for their Apple ID. All this without any additional action required!

Let’s Get Technical

When you just start out with learning Swift Concurrency, you’ll find there are several ways to create new tasks. One approach creates a parent/child relationship between tasks, while another creates tasks that are unstructured but do inherit some context. There’s also an approach that creates tasks completely detached from all context. Understanding unstructured and detached tasks in Swift is a must, and that article is perfect for helping you out.

Mastering SwiftUI rendering is essential for iOS developers. SwiftUI's intuitive and declarative approach has transformed UI development and it's always important to stay up to date.  Understanding the rendering cycle is not easy; it's common to face issues like your views rendering too often or not rendering at all when the state changes. We hope the linked short read will help solve any doubts you may have.

Unit tests allow you to validate code written using the latest concurrency framework and async/await. While writing tests doesn’t differ much from synchronous tests, there are a few crucial concepts to be aware of when validating asynchronous code.

Deep linking on iOS is a game-changer for app integration and user experiences. Check out the potential, implementation and best practices — and discover how deep links enable seamless navigation between apps and specific content.

Useful Tools

We’re sure you’ve heard about ChatGPT, the latest enfant terrible in the field of Artificial Intelligence. As of now, it’s clear that ChatGPT cannot replace a human developer — but it has been verified that it can be a very useful tool in the programmer’s day-to-day life. Check out this Source Editor Extension for XCode that leverages ChatGPT to your advantage.

Copilot for Xcode is an Xcode Source Editor Extension that provides Github Copilot support for Xcode. It uses the LSP provided through Copilot.vim. Big thanks to LSP-copilot for showing how to interact with Copilot, and a thank you to LanguageClient for the Language Server Protocol support in Swift.

And to throw in a cool addition for day-to-day tools, Pocket is a convenient and versatile way to save and organize online content. With just a click, Pocket allows you to save articles, videos and webpages from across the web to a central location. Whether you're researching a topic, bookmarking interesting reads or simply looking to declutter your browser tabs, Pocket keeps everything in one place for easy access. Plus, its offline mode lets you enjoy your saved content anytime, anywhere, even without an internet connection. Say goodbye to scattered bookmarks and hello to a neatly curated digital library with Pocket.

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