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Which Design Trends of 2023 Will Define the Next Year?

DesignDec 22, 2023



Dec 22, 2023

Lukas BuzgaHead of Design

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Imperfection, tiny attention spans, AI taking care of the boring stuff… some 2023 design trends were less expected than others — and we’re all doing our best to catch up, improve or even pave the way.

Here are the key design changes as STRV sees them, and what they mean for 2024.

Dynamic Means Engaging

This past year, dynamic design has broken new ground. We saw increasing levels of motion, interaction and flexibility — with design becoming almost like a dance, flowing with animated elements and interactive features that pull users into the experience. More and more, we’re seeing designs that grow and react to users or changes in the environment, grabbing attention and inviting users to actively join in.

2024 Expectations

We’ll have to craft engaging experiences that shift with the moment in ways that haven’t been done before. A key aspect is seamlessly adjusting to different devices and screen sizes to ensure a consistent experience across various platforms. But above all, this trend thrives on fluidity — incorporating animated elements, transitions and interactive features to engage users on a deeper level.

Dimensional Across the Board

In 2023, dimensional design became the heartbeat of visual innovation, sparking a new era filled with depth, texture and rich experiences. This trend breaks free from flat surfaces, inviting designers to weave tales using shadows, gradients and 3D elements. It’s like a magical bridge between digital and real worlds, inviting everyone on a journey that engages not just the eyes, but also touch and interaction.

Once seen as fancy gadgets, AR and VR have stepped into the spotlight. Designers are taking these technologies to dazzling new heights, injecting interactive experiences and mind-blowing product showcases into their creations. With tech evolving rapidly, designers and users alike crave immersive experiences — giving brands an amazing opportunity to captivate audiences. 

2024 Expectations

This innovative space demands making AR and VR experiences user-friendly. Whatever the project, we must consider different screens and high-definition displays to ensure everyone enjoys the journey, regardless of the device.

Authenticity in Imperfection

Authentic design has continued to shine, celebrating uniqueness, diversity and inclusivity. Designers are all about being real by adding genuine, unfiltered bits into what they create. They’re embracing imperfections and those special human touches. People are loving this trend because it’s all about making real connections. 

2024 Expectations

We need to keep things real, alive, a little strange. This might be new territory for some of us, but it’s worth exploring. Authenticity builds trust and feels like chatting with a friend. So skip the super-polished stuff — and play with designs that feel personal, relatable and honest.

Smart(er) Ways of Working

To repeat countless 2023 headlines: This was the year of Artificial Intelligence (AI). AI now stands at the forefront of a design evolution — reshaping the creative landscape in unprecedented ways, influencing and augmenting the design process across various domains.

AI tools are like magical assistants! Designers now leverage AI algorithms for generating dynamic layouts, conducting rapid prototyping and even assisting with color palette selection or font pairing. With AI taking care of the boring stuff, designers get to spread their creative wings. It gives us so much more time to try out wild new ideas and bring more innovation to design!

2024 Expectations

Rather than becoming a replacement for human creativity, AI will act as a powerful ally — enabling designers to elevate their craft, revolutionize user experiences and push the boundaries of what’s possible in the ever-evolving landscape of design.

But of course, as AI’s capabilities continue to expand, the discussion around ethical AI implementation in design remains crucial. Hopefully, 2024 will untangle how to ensure that human-centric design principles remain at the core.

Versatile Experimentation

In the diverse landscape of design trends, the concept of a singular prevailing trend has faded away more than ever. Embracing versatility means acknowledging that there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to design. 2023 saw teams fostering innovation and creativity by allowing designers to explore and merge multiple design languages — to create truly adaptable and inclusive experiences.

2024 Expectations

As designers, let’s encourage one another to break free from rigid design conventions, allowing for a dynamic blend of various styles, approaches and techniques. Design should be adaptable, seamlessly transitioning between different styles. That’s the best way to accommodate diverse user needs, preferences and contexts.

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