Wrap-up: Android Meetup with location tracking, CI services and Google Assistant

We can talk about Google Assistant, location tracking and CI services for hours on end. Evidently, so can a lot of you. Our recent round of Dev Meetups attracted a number of hardcore enthusiasts, who couldn’t get enough of what our Android team had cooked up.

Missed out? Don’t worry, we recorded our Prague meetup. The links, as always, are below. In the meantime, let’s recap the fun:

vaclav tarantik at android meetup location tracking

Vasek Tarantik delved into the world of location tracking, a hallmark of apps like Uber and Boosted.

“For developers, using the location in their apps means doing a lot of cool stuff that makes their app way better without the need to spend hours writing the code, because Location Services are quite easy to use and also well documented,” Vasek said. “Sometimes, it's just a bit difficult to discover all the things you can do with location tracking, and that's why we provided an an overview of the technologies as well as our firsthand experience.”

Vasek is well-versed on this topic. He helped develop Boosted’s Android app from the ground up, implementing location tracking for the global electric skateboard retailer’s growing product line.

juraj kuliska at android meetup ci services

Juraj Kuliska was up next with a rousing look at two of the most popular Continuous Integration services — Bitrise and CircleCI.

“While you can achieve very similar results with both of them, Bitrise is much more pleasant to use thanks to its friendly User Interface. However, that comes at a price of being more expensive than CircleCI, which would be more suitable for hobby projects for it's got quite a generous free plan,” Juraj explained.

“Using these is an easy way to make your development more robust, detecting bugs at the earliest stage and avoiding boring repetitive tasks like running tests,” Juraj added. “This gives you more time to spend on the fun stuff — like the actual coding.”

ondrej komarek at android meetup google assistant

Ondrej Komarek then shifted gears to talk about some of the cool coming out of Google these days.

“Actions on Google helps users to find and interact with various content more naturally besides installing and using an app,” Ondrej said. “It can recommend the right app or action based on our request or even be proactive and suggest something with help of an AI.” Actions on Google includes Assistant apps, which runs on mobile phones, smart speakers and other devices.

Speaking of which, Ondrej showed Meetup attendees how easy it is to build their own Assistant app using a Dialogflow console.

“Developers can easily create Google Assistant apps with little to no coding. A Dialogflow console is very easy to navigate, and a pretty useful app can be developed there in less than two days,” Ondrej said. “It is interesting to see that including AI smarts in your application can be very easy, and it requires basically no previous knowledge about machine learning.”

slido at android meetup prague

Check out the full presentations:

We took pictures! Make sure to tag yourself in the gallery from Brno and/or from Prague .

strv gang at android meetup

We’ll be taking a break for summer, but our Dev Meetups will return in the fall. Follow us on Facebook or subscribe to our newsletter for more information about upcoming events!

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