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Just Plug & Play

Looking to scale up, hit a critical deadline or require a specific skill? We can
enhance your team instantly with our award-winning designers and engineers.

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Collective Intelligence Is Key

When working with any of us, you work with all of us. With 15 years of experience in software engineering and a community of 180+ experts, STRV has taken on some of the hardest challenges from Silicon Valley. All of this knowledge and skill is at your disposal whether you hire a team of 2 or 10.


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  • Right Skill

    We invest heavily in our people to ensure they stay on top of the game and bring any relevant skillset to you. AR or VR apps, machine learning, AI, IoT, React Native or the elusive blockchain? You bet.
  • Right Time

    To begin an endeavor at the right time is paramount. Our process enables you to plug in and unplug our team whenever necessary.
  • Right Scale

    Based on your project and the goals you’re trying to accomplish, we put together a team that will help deliver success. From a pair of specifically-oriented engineers to an entire product team.

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