LegalZoom believes that legal help should be available to everyone. We made sure you can carry it in your pocket.


More than 2 million people worldwide have gotten a helping hand from LegalZoom so far. The number keeps growing, and just like every company with global ambitions and the will to get closer to clients, LegalZoom needed a stable and reliable mobile solution.

Our role? To join forces with LegalZoom's in-house development team and make the LegalZoom experience smoother than ever before with new iOS and Android apps.


Our iOS and Android engineers spent some time at the client's headquarters, working closely with the Director of Engineering, Chris Capriccio.

Chris defined the tech stack and the specific tasks to be completed by the newly formed team. Then our engineers dove into work.

We fixed the client's API, simplified a confusing dashboard on the frontend of the app and helped with structuring the project into independent modules which can be shared among other LegalZoom mobile projects.

As we dug deeper into the client's business and its clients' needs and expectations, it became obvious that more brainpower would be needed. LegalZoom hired more of our engineers, and we ended up leading the project while being challenged to maintain our flexibility within the corporate structure.

Along the way, we helped LegalZoom efficiently solve future problems by incorporating better libraries and sharing coding best practices.

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